Smoke fans: features of application

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Fans smoke exhaust are devices,They are widely used for the creation of ventilation systems. In addition, they are used in general exchange ventilation systems, additionally equipped with a frequency converter that allows you to regulate the fan speed. The use of devices makes it possible to ensure a normal air condition in the rooms without resorting to the installation of additional devices.

Smoke fans are controlled by means of special shields. So, from the device of fire automatics there is a signal to the control panel, which makes the inclusion of the air exchange system.

smoke fans

In accordance with the location of the fans,distinguish several types of equipment. Conventional devices are mounted on a specially prepared foundation, and with their mounting a special frame construction is used.

Roof fans are mounted on the roof, and the duct fans work directly on the duct.

The body of devices can be made in different ways. They are made of spiral, rectangular, square and round shapes.

Especially popular are roof models. Compared to other types of devices, these fans have many advantages. Their installation is carried out on the roof, which is usually little used. This installation allows you to abandon the use of additional premises in the building, which sometimes occupy solely for the placement of air exchange systems.

Roof fans for smoke removal
Thus, the usable area of ​​the premises is saved, which is important for modern office buildings.

Roof ventilator is installedon mines - this avoids the paving of vertical paths. When using the device, there is no need for additional devices for the removal of combustion products, since air is released directly from the fans into the environment.

Devices are also subdivided according tospecific working conditions. There are models that are designed for use at temperatures up to 400 C degrees, and also from 400 to 600. In the first case, the impeller of the mechanism is made of carbon steel, in the second case it is made of heat-resistant materials.

roof ventilator

Smoke fans with vertical ejectionhave a low level of energy consumption. Their design allows you to install on the roof in the vicinity of several devices. The system does not require the installation of a non-return valve and has a protection against precipitation.

Horizontal smoke fans are mounted on the roof, which has a non-combustible coating. When installing the system, it is recommended to ensure smoke emission at a height of at least 2 meters from the roof level.

For the manufacture of fan housingsGalvanized steel, which can reliably work with air masses heated to high temperatures. The engines of the roof equipment are placed in special capsules having separate vent valves, which allows to protect the mechanism from moisture ingress.

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