Frame garage with your hands: features of erection

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In the modern construction marketThe widest variety of materials that can be used for erecting buildings of different purposes. It remains only to determine what you might need in order to create a frame garage with your own hands. This method of construction can be considered the most inexpensive, fast and convenient at the current time.

Frame garage with own hands
If there is enough time anddesire to try their hand at the frame construction, you need to stock up on building materials, after which you can start building a frame garage yourself. First, you need to dig a trench, which should be filled with construction debris or gravel. After that, build a shallow foundation, constructing the reinforcing cage in two rows and filling it with concrete. Allow 15-20 days to stand. The next stage will require 12 bars with a cross section of 100 millimeters, designed for corner posts and gates. The upper and lower strapping can be made using bars of 50 * 100 millimeters. They need about a dozen. All materials must be treated with an antiseptic containing fire-fighting additives. Frame construction of the garage involves lateral stabilization of vertical wall and corner racks under the slope. For this purpose it is appropriate to use bars with a section of 50 millimeters. The rafters are made of elements 100 * 50 millimeters, they should be 2-3, and for lathing roofs use lumber with a cross section of 50 * 50 millimeters, which fits in 1-1.2 meters. After the crate of the roof is finished, you can proceed with the installation of walls from OSB boards, boards or boards. From inside the frame garage with their own hands should be laid with a heater, which is most appropriate to use mineral wool (it has good performance and does not burn).

Frame house with garage
The next important step is the devicewiring, without which it is now difficult to imagine any room. In wooden constructions, it is laid in special corrugated hoses made of metal. On the outlets there must be safety valves protecting from moisture, and the lampshades for the fixtures must be closed tightly. The frame garage, built by itself, assumes a pleasant appearance. That is why the walls from the inside should be covered with any material that is convenient for the owner and at the same time fully complies with the requirements of fire safety.

Frame construction of garage
Material for the roof is selected depending onmoisture resistance, strength and cost. The gate should be selected from those that have already proved themselves: swinging or sectional. Some prefer lifting structures, but it is important to consider that they should be such that they can be used for other purposes, if you decide to disassemble the garage.

Now you have an idea of ​​howerect a frame garage with their own hands. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. In the same way, you can make a frame house with a garage, but it is important to take into account all the parameters and dimensions of the elements.

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