Makhitos is a tomato that is worth trying

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Cultivation of tomatoes is a laborious process,especially in the middle lane or on the Siberian expanses. Every horticultural amateur knows this firsthand. But tomatoes will always be very popular: for the benefit, taste, beautiful fruit, the possibility of harvesting for the winter. Therefore, every year new and interesting varieties are created. Today we are getting acquainted with a hybrid of Dutch breeding. Meet: Mahitos is a tomato that will bring variety to your collection of varieties.

Biological characteristics

Consider the tomato of Machitos. The description of this variety differs little from the description of greenhouse varieties. This tomato is a medium-ripening, high-yielding vegetable with unlimited growth (an average of 1.8 m). Growing - in film greenhouses. The plant is strong, strong, with a powerful stalk and rhizome, short interstices. The fruit is bright red color, round in shape, dense, weighing 220-260 grams. Fruits are lined by mass, without a green stain on the stem.

Advantages of the variety

Махитос - a tomato which possesses a number of indisputable positive qualities:

  • A wonderful sweet taste.
  • Good transportability.
  • Not subject to cracking.
  • Resistant to many diseases.
  • It is used both fresh and in stock for the winter.
  • It adapts well to different conditions.

tomato Mahitos: fruits

Makhitos (tomato) is one of the leaders on the market, since its fruits are universal. It is listed in the State Register of Selection Achievements, allowed for cultivation in our country.

Peculiarities of growing

We draw your attention to a number of features,specific for a given variety. Since the plant has a powerful bush, the excessive watering and regular application of fertilizers will lead to the growth of the bush, and not the fruit. Therefore, both the first and second action should be carried out sparingly, as necessary. To the color of the fruit was saturated and uniform, a combination of potassium-magnesium supplementation is necessary.

tomato Mahitos in the greenhouse

Since the fruits are large, their formation isin the summer-autumn period, and the early tomato can not be called mahitos, the ripening of fruits is characteristic for growing in the second turn. The main thing here is not the time, but the yield. To maintain a balance of growth and development, you need warmth, so for culture, the optimal time is summer. Like any other, a tomato of this type needs a garter and pasynkovaniya. But trim the leaves neatly: only those that pritenyayut fruit. Strong pruning is stress and a serious test for the hybrid, after which it is restored for a long time.

If you planted this culture for the first time, thenobserve, study, closely monitor its development in order to avoid mistakes. Focus on the climatic conditions and the situation that you have in the region. And then a good result is guaranteed to you. This is a sort that is really worth a try!

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