Modern mechanisms of raising a bed

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Not all have luxurious largeapartments. Often it is necessary to calculate every centimeter of space and think over its practical use. Designers have long created a development that allows you to add functionality to the bedroom - double and single beds with lifting devices. The volume compartment for storing bed linen and other things hides inside such furniture. Another advantage is the orthopedic base. It will also not be difficult to lift the bed and put things together.

bed lifting mechanisms

Types of devices

When purchasing a bed it is important to make sure that the structure is easy and reliable in operation. On the furniture market today, there are three main types of mechanisms:

  • gas shock absorbers;
  • coil springs;
  • manual lifting.

All mechanisms of raising the bed differsufficient reliability and durability. They are fixed to the base of the mattress or to the side parts. This is a competent and completely new solution for the bedroom, relevant for small rooms. Make a purchase preferably from well-established companies that give a guarantee on the products.

gas bed lifting mechanism

Springs or manual lifting?

The most common is the manual option. It is light in handling and in construction, durable, reliable and low in cost. Manual mechanisms of lifting a bed have one drawback: for their use requires the application of physical effort. With rare applications, this will not create problems, but it will be very inconvenient for daily use.

The mechanisms of lifting the bed with coil springs, toosimple and reliable to use. They have reasonable prices. The difference with manual - in less effort. But without minuses it was not done: here it is required to periodically replace the springs themselves, as they are subject to wear and tear during operation.

Gas lift mechanism

Gas lift - this is a common and convenient option, which is today the most relevant. Equipped with a gas lift bed opens almost independently.

Simply amazing is the noiseless and smooth operation of the mechanism. The elevator is practical and reliable, often manufacturers give it a 5-year warranty.

Gas bed lifting mechanisms are capable ofto lift mattresses of any weight, which is very convenient, since the springless new orthopedic mattresses are quite heavy. The bed, depending on its weight, has a shock absorber with a suitable capacity.

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