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Mechanical planes have long been recognizedineffective. Modern electric analogues are characterized by high power. Performance in this case depends on many factors. If we consider the models of the Japanese company "Makita", it should be noted that they are usually equipped with depth controllers. Connectors for connecting vacuum cleaners are available in almost all planes.

plane makita 1911b reviews

Handles in shape can be very different. The average length of the model is 300 mm. Referring to the planes of the firm "Makita" to professional tools. However, in order to understand all their advantages, it is necessary to separately consider the work planes operating from the network, as well as battery modifications.

Network Tools

The banks operating from the 220 V network, practically inall exceed the battery models. In this case, the power of power tools can reach 6 kW. The depth controls are installed in almost all planers. Handles for high-quality processing are wide and low.

In this case, the connection pipesvacuum cleaners are provided with plastic. Mills are installed in different thicknesses. Processing such power tools are capable of wood of various breeds. The motors of the models are mounted collector type. If we talk about the value of the goods, then the price of this type of plane varies in the region of 18,000 rubles.

plane electric makita 1902

Battery Modifications

Makita's capacitysignificantly inferior to analogs that operate on the network. In this case, the specified parameter does not exceed 4 kW. However, one should remember the advantages of battery devices. First of all it concerns mobility. In places where there is no electricity, they "feel" calm. In terms of size, the battery models are very different.

Handles are installed, as a rule,low. Due to this, the position of the power tool is very easy to control. At idle speed planes are capable of making about 13 thousand revolutions per minute. To buy the model for today it is possible for 22 thousand rubles.

Model parameters N1923B

This plane (electric) Makita possessespower at the level of 5 kW. This tool operates from 220 V. In this case, the depth controller is provided. The cutter in this model is used wide, so with the performance of the device everything is in order. If necessary, you can work in bottlenecks. Dimensions in this case allow you to do this.

The handle is plastic, butit breaks rarely. At idle, the device makes more than 12,300 rpm. Above the gearbox of the device there is a special casing, which protects the mechanism from dust. It is worthwhile in the market of the company Makita plane N1923B about 18200 rubles.

What do they say about the plane N1923B?

Many buyers positive commentsleave about this model. Most often this plane Makita reviews gets for compact size. However, it is also important to consider the shortcomings of the tool before purchasing. In some cases, the drum with knives may break. The motor at the tool often heats up. Thus, it will not work for a long time. Another drawback lies in the weak belt. In some cases, it may not withstand the loads.

KP1902S Overview

The electric baton Makita 1902 differsthe presence of wide knives. With soft wood, he copes quite quickly. For the quality of planing, the depth of the drum can be adjusted by the user. The engine of the model is of single-phase type, and its power is 7 kW. The frame of the instrument is U-shaped. The control unit is used in the belt-type plane. Mills in this case are set to a small thickness.

The casing of the model is fixed directly overreducer. A special vacuum cleaner is available to trap the chips. It is connected through a plastic hole on the side panel. At idle, the drum develops a maximum speed of 13,500 rpm. The handle in the device is not very wide. The parallel stops in the tool are made of metal. The off button is on the handle. The company Makita plane KP1902S is not more than 19300 rubles.

plane makita reviews

Consumer Reviews of the KP1902S

Reviews about this plane are very diverse. Among professionals, he is in high demand. For softwood, a more comfortable tool is not found. In this case, if necessary, the user can change the knives himself. The drum is installed at the tool durable. The depth adjuster is comfortable to use. However, the power cable is only available for 2.2 meters. Sometimes this is not enough for comfortable planing. The engine has enough power to make the surface very smooth. The housing of the device from high noise levels protects reliably. If necessary, the soles in the tool can be replaced.

Device KP0800

This battery plane is veryeasy to use. In this case, the battery is not very powerful. Thus, it will not work for a long time. Knives in this model are not very wide. However, they are extremely rare. The planing power parameter is 4 kW. At idle, the drum does not exceed 11,000 rpm. The height of the knives can be adjusted by means of a pivoting mechanism.

makita plane

The nozzle for the dust bag in the model is available. Also, the battery-powered plane is equipped with a special parallel stop. Due to it, the wood can be processed at different angles. The fixtures used in the model are sturdy. This instrument weighs only 3.1 kg. It is worthwhile in the market of Makita company of KP0800 planes no more than 21500 rub.

Owners opinion about KP0800

For its mobility of the planes Makita KP0800 reviewsgets good. In places where there is no electricity, working with it is comfortable. If necessary, clean the casing is quite simple. However, the power of the model is always not enough. With solid wood, the device does very poorly. In this case, the performance is low. The handle is quite comfortable. Also, many buyers are happy with the rear location of the battery. If necessary, stick it out simply. Loud sound is not heard at work, and it's good. Also, the advantages include a strong parallel stop.

Characteristics of the N1911B

The power of the plane is 7 kW. Weigh the specified model 3.2 kg. The depth control in this case is a rotary type. The handle is locked on the handle. If necessary, the user can change the stop position. Also note the strength of the handle. In this case, the outlet for the dust collector is located on the side panel.

The power button is located on thehilt. The front sole of this model is adjustable. The belt is used tight and jumps out rather seldom. In the market of Makita, the N1911B can be purchased for 21600 rubles.

plane makita kp0810ck reviews

Reviews about N1911B

For the high productivity of the Makita1911B reviews gets good. However, some buyers are not satisfied with the large dimensions - in the narrow places it will not be possible to use the power tool. The parallel stop in this load model can withstand large ones. In general, during planing, the plane behaves stably and no large vibrations are felt. The casing of the motor absorbs well.

Planer parameters KP0810CK

This plane features a large drum withknives. The belt in this case is wide and flies off the shaft rarely. The power of the collector motor is 5 kW. The drum in the device is capable of making no more than 10,200 revolutions per minute. The depth adjuster of the model is located on the side panel. To connect the dust container, the nozzle is not provided.

plane makita 1911b reviews

Parallel stop in the presented modelfastens on a special lock. The front sole in this instance is adjustable in height. The handle of the model is low. Antivibration system in the plane is absent. The model is worth about 17 thousand rubles.

What do the owners say about KP0810CK?

Shredders Makita KP0810CK reviews have different -the opinions of consumers about this tool often differ. Some people prefer it because of the low price. Also, the reviews of the model deserve good for a quality regulator of planing heights. Wood tools are processed fairly quickly. However, for professionals, the planes are still not suitable.

plane makita kp0800 reviews

The anti-vibration system is absent in it, andsometimes the handle is very shaking. The parallel thrust of the model breaks rarely. According to the owners of the plane, problems with the gearbox sometimes arise. This is mainly due to dirty electrical tools. Thus, it must be periodically inspected. In the end, you can say that he is worth his money.

Model specifications 1806B

This plane has a power of 6 kW. The width of his knife is 82 mm. The depth of planing is regulated by the pivoting mechanism. The nozzle for the dust collector is missing from the model. This plane weighs 3.4 kg. The power button on the model is located on the handle. The blocking device is not provided in this case. The casing is installed in the model above the reducer.

Parallel fence with a short tool. However, this is sufficient to handle the edges of the wood. The drum is fixed in this case under the reducer. The protection system for this plane is. The front sole is adjustable by the pivoting mechanism. It is worth a plane to date no more than 19700 rubles.

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