Tomato "pink miracle": description and features of the variety

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Sorts of pink tomatoes are sold best. It is explained by their excellent taste qualities: they are used for making tomatoes and pastas, they are used fresh, perfectly complement summer salads and effectively look like cutting on a plate.

One of the best representatives of the group is the tomato "pink miracle". This is a hybrid (F1) variety of tomatoes, which has high taste qualities.

tomato pink wonder

The main characteristic of tomato

Hybrid variety of tomatoes "pink miracle" waswas obtained through the development of the selection group NISSA. Bushes are deterministic, show high yield. The color of the fruit is bright-crimson, the skin is delicate and tender, the average weight of one fruit is 300-450 g.

Productivity from one bush is high - on the hands formed by 4-6 rounded fruit.

Features of pink tomato

Many gardeners, in addition to all other advantages, note the taste of tomato "pink miracle." It should be noted that this is one of the few pink sweetish varieties.

For conservation, such tomatoes are unlikely to fit, but for fresh consumption, as part of salads or for cooking, this is exactly what you need. From tomatoes "pink miracle" it turns out and delicious juice.

 pink miracle tomatoes reviews

In comparison with other varieties of tomatoes, thisit is not good for long-term storage. But thanks to its taste and attractive appearance, the tomato "pink miracle" is actively bought in the market and in stores.

The main advantage of the described tomatoes is a short period of ripening: 80-85 days pass from shoots to the first harvest.

Cultivation and care of tomatoes

Tomato "pink miracle" is grown as in a greenhouse,and on the open ground. This variety is not strict, there is no need to apply special efforts to care for it. For normal development of plants, it is enough 2-3 hours to weed the bushes and feed them with mineral fertilizers.

It is important to observe the watering regime. It is advisable to loosen the soil around the bushes with tomatoes after each moistening.

Adult plant is powerful - in height canreach 115-150 cm, sprawling, so it is necessary to leave 45-50 cm between the shoots. At such a distance tomato bushes will not be intertwined, each plant will receive enough light and heat, and it will be more convenient to harvest the crop. The plants must be tied up and pamphleted. By the way, when 2-3 stems are formed, the greatest yield is achieved.

Tomato "pink miracle" - a variety of hybrid tomatoes,resistant to a large number of diseases. Breeders managed to give it immunity to viruses of tobacco mosaic, alternaria and late blight - a fatal disease for most plants.

I want to note that hybrid varieties in general have a strong immunity, because they have combined the best qualities from plant parents.

Reviews about tomatoes of the brand "pink miracle"

Breeders note that the greatest demandseeds on the tomato "pink miracle F1". Comments from the most active gardeners and truck farmers make it possible to form an extensive picture of the supply and demand for this product.

tomato pink miracle f1 reviews

Possessing such popularity, pink tomatoesattract the attention of seasoned and novice truck farmers. And in general, we can say that the "pink miracle" (tomato) reviews deserve mostly positive. Buyers note that those who have experience in growing tomatoes can easily sow seeds, and after planting seedlings.

Tomatoes "pink miracle" are specific. True connoisseurs of tomatoes choose this variety for breeding, but many choose and more common varieties, such as "Moscow short," "cherry tomatoes," or "salted wonders." In any case, it is worth trying to grow on your garden the described tomatoes and enjoy their taste and appearance.

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