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Rosa Monica is distinguished by bright colors of yellow-orange color. How to grow this tea-hybrid variety in the central part of Russia? Features of care and tips from gardeners-lovers read further.

Description of the rose

On the high stalk bright buds are blossoming,similar to the flame of fire. This is the flower of Monica. The heart of the flower is painted in yellow shades, and the edges of the petals have a bright red palette. Light and unobtrusive fragrance fills the gardens, where the tea-hybrid varieties of this queen grow.

The diameter of blossoming buds is 10-13see This is a truly elegant performance. The stem is usually upright and tall, about 1 meter long. Often, the rose tea-hybrid Monica is grown for cutting and further sale. In addition, the plant has practically no thorns - the shoot is even, without bends and irregularities. The foliage is saturated dark green. Blossoms the whole summer, with proper care abundantly and continuously.

rose monica

Care of the variety

Rosa Monica, the description of which is given above,is resistant to diseases and belongs to winter hardy varieties. But experienced gardeners recommend taking shelter in the cold season. More information on how to cover the flower can be read further.

Rose "Monica" does not like the wind, so you need to choose a quiet place in the garden. In this case, it must be illuminated by sunlight in sufficient quantity.

The soil substrate must be enriched with nutrients and have good drainage.

From spring to the end of August, it is necessary to make fertilizing. For protection from pests, gardeners need to process shrubs with special solutions.

rose monica description

Shelter of a rose for the winter

Like most of the "garden queens", Monica's rosesnowless winter can die from the cold, so you need to arrange special shelters. The easiest way is to cover the roots of the rose with lapnika of coniferous trees. In addition, the smell of spruce forest frightens small rodents.

The main rule that must be observed when covering the rose: the material for protection should not come into contact with the shoots of the plant.

It is necessary already from the end of August to preparerose to winter. First, stop feeding and watering. When the flowering is over (somewhere in the middle of September), you need to prune the shoots and all the foliage. In October, one should dip roots. You can treat shoots with copper sulfate to protect against disease and moisture resistance. All garbage on the roots should be removed.

After the temperature outside the window is establishedat around -6 degrees, you need to protect the rose. In the role of a shelter, a plastic container with holes can act, which, even in severe frosts, is covered with polyethylene film from above.

Rose Hybrid Monica

Reviews about cultivation

Rosa Monica deserved the highest praise fromgardeners. Flowers delight and amaze with their brightness and accuracy. Strong buds are beautiful at all stages of flowering. According to the reviews of flower growers, the flower looks well on the backplanes of flower beds and as a hedge. In the cut, it is long and does not wilt.

It is recommended to check before landingacidity of soil. Ideal indicators Ph not more than 6.5. Florists with experience advise on rainy days to shake off the buds moisture, in order to avoid such a disease as gray mold. It manifests itself in the form of white fluffy spots on the foliage. When these symptoms appear, you need to cut off the shoots and treat the rose with sulfur preparations.

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