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Collect dried plants inItaly in the XVI century. Fashion on the herbarium in Russia appeared in 1717, thanks to Peter I. This infatuation is now returning in our days. A crafts of leaves with their own hands are always relevant. Crafts from autumn leaves look peculiar and unusual. Simple work done easily. For the complex, you need experience. It is important to collect the leaves in good condition and on a dry day. Let's get started.

Roses made of maple leaves

roses from maple leaves

We make an autumn bouquet. Maple leaves are ironed with a warm iron between sheets of white A4 paper. Turn the first maple leaf in half, roll into a tube. It serves as the base of the bud. Next folded across the leaves, lay around the base, like petals. For a large rose leaves more leaves. Stitching stems are fastened with threads, wrapped with green paper tape. For a small bouquet, 3-5 medium-sized roses are enough. Roses made of maple leaves can be put in a vase. Around the flowers you can add leaves. The bouquet will last longer if it is covered with hairspray. Roses made of maple leaves look great in a wreath at the door. There are a lot of design options, fantasize!


crafts from autumn leaves

Virtually everything in childhood from the herbarium gluedapplications. The simplest ones are invoices. An animal or bird forms from different leaves, and details are drawn. In the silhouette application of leaves cut out the desired shape. In a modular or mosaic application, the leaves are selected in the same sizes and shapes. Such crafts made of autumn leaves make up with the children a pleasure!

Pressed floristics

hand-made articles from leaves

From Japan came the art of the mistaken or oshiban,which means pressed floral. Patience, jewelry precision, harmonious color combinations, smooth transitions - this is the key to the success of this technique. For work we take a dense cardboard, we make an easy sketch. We select plants, we compose the composition. As in painting, first of all, we make a background. We lay down under an easy press. Then we paste the main parts, create the foreground of the picture. Let's dry the work under the press. We paste the creation into a frame. Such hand-made articles made of leaves are expensive and cause admiration!


To spend interesting evening with the child will helpsimple articles from autumn leaves. Impressions - one of such easy, fascinating processes. Plentifully put on the underside of the sheet paint and print it on a landscape or white sheet format A4. Firmly pressing, carefully remove. Print the leaves can be in the form of different shapes of animals, birds, flowers. Such drawings serve as background and are good, as independent pictures.

Autumn dish

crafts from autumn leaves

Roll out the clay in the form of a square or circle. Chaotically spread out the leaves, berries of mountain ash, dog rose, twigs, seeds. Cover the top with cellophane and roll rope. Press hard to leave all the prints. We remove. We make skirts. We make plaster for sculptural work, we pour it. For the strength of the dish, we put copper wire in the cast gypsum. We give a good dry. If desired, we paint in one tone or select convex details. We cover with a colorless varnish. The dish will decorate the table and serve as a fruit and bakery.

And what kind of crafts made of autumn leaves you made yourself?

How did you get the roses from the maple leaves? Share, we are interested!

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