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Not so long ago pellets boilers were on sale. Comments and opinions about them were divided. For many potential buyers, it is important to know more about products in order to determine for themselves the need for its acquisition. This article contains information about the pros and cons of such equipment.

Pellet boilers, reviews

What is a pellet boiler?

Solid-fuel pellet boilers consist ofbunker and a special fuel burner. Depending on the brand, the bunker is external or built-in. If you download the first, you can work continuously for up to five days, and if the second - up to two weeks. Granules (pellets) are automatically fed by an auger inside the burner. It, in turn, can be torch or retort. However, those who choose to buy pellet boilers, feedback on retort burners leave negative. Apparently, therefore, they are on sale less and less.

Pellet boilers are equipped with automation, significantlysimplifying the operation. You can control them remotely using a standard mobile phone. Most users worry about the safety of their home. Manufacturers have taken care of this as well. For example, pellet boilers Zota are designed taking into account the Russian conditions and are well proven for unstable electric voltage, not too high-quality fuel and with strong temperature changes.

Pellet boilers Zota


What are the positive sides of pelletBoilers? Feedback from users suggests that this equipment has proved itself well. It will become a real find in those areas where gas has not yet been carried out. Pellets, fuel for this equipment, are relatively inexpensive. Cheaper than them, according to user estimates, only gas costs. Over time, with the development and popularization of this type of equipment, it is expected to further reduce the price of pellets.

The boilers themselves are easy to operate, often maintenance of them reduces to the laying of fuel and periodic infrequent (depending on the model) cleansing of ash and products of combustion.

Solid fuel pellet boilers


However, despite all the positive aspects,pellet boilers reviews are not only positive. Among the shortcomings of this equipment is the complexity of the installation: many masters for the first time see such a design. Therefore, they often allow very significant errors during installation and start-up.

Another minus of pellet boilers can be consideredtheir size: you need to attach a separate boiler room. In addition, the fuel used by this equipment is voluminous, afraid of dampness. To store it requires a large and dry room. Owners of such boilers recommend buying pellets ahead of time, otherwise in the midst of the cold weather in the warehouses of suppliers, they may end.

The disadvantage of pellet boilers is that it is not possible to immediately stop burning, fuel will continue to smolder, although for many users this figure is not important.

If there is a need to heat, andgas supply in your area is not expected, pellet boilers - a great option. However, it should weigh everything, to find qualified specialists to install. It is also necessary to deal with future fuel supplies. When all this is done - safely choose the right model and the rush for the purchase!

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