What is the new generation moonshine?

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The next-generation self-contained device representsa rectifying column, with which you can produce a good pure alcohol from ordinary brags. Thanks to it, the scale of production is expanding substantially. Getting this novelty of engineering thought, you can open at home a mini-factory for the production of "fire water." The new generation device was patented in Russia in 2008. Conventional devices that convert brag to classic alcohol appeared several centuries ago, after which humanity called this device one of the most useful inventions in the world.

home-born device of the new generation

What is a special moonshine?

Expert reviews say that only whenthe use of vertical distillation columns with reflux condensers and a selection unit can produce a truly pure 96 percent alcohol. Nevertheless, the rest of the devices invented earlier, produce a conventional moonshine with less strength and purity. Therefore, in spite of wide advertising of traditional "pressure cookers", only rectifying columns (the new generation brewery) are able to produce pure alcohol.

How does he work?

In fact, this device is aa reduced copy of those mechanisms that are used to produce alcohol for industrial purposes. The properties of the new-generation home-brewed device have similar ones - the same product with the same strength up to 96% is obtained at the output. However, the size of the unit is more compact, and the democratic price allows you to purchase it for almost every amateur. But a few years ago, the smallest columns were available only in special laboratories, and at their cost were prohibitively expensive. Now, thanks to the moonshine of the new generation, you can independently manufacture alcohol and, in fact, be the owner of a small distillery.

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Distillation mode

In addition to all this, this device is capable ofWork in distillation mode, in which the level of strength of alcohol is about 70-80% vol. And if in the first case the finished product must be diluted before use, then here we can immediately produce pure moonshine. Especially worth noting is the fact that the new generation brewery with this production of alcohol completely excludes the possibility of the formation of such harmful substances in a liquid, such as acetone. The risk that in the end will get "bastard", unfit for consumption, is reduced to zero. And all this thanks to the use of a special distillation column.

new home-made machines

How much do new moonshine machines cost?

The price of similar devices is slightly higherordinary analogues, which produce alcohol in an old age-old way. On average, the price for a new-generation home-brewed device is about 5-9 thousand rubles. As you can see, even if there are several thousand rubles, it is quite possible to create your own mini-distillery, which can be used both on the street and in the apartment.

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