It's about how to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands.

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A wedding is an event to which any individualthe female is being prepared from a young age. A little girl puts on her head any beautiful rag: tulle, scarf or just a beautiful fabric, dreaming that it's a veil. We want to become a bridegroom when this can not be talked about. Needless to say, what emotions are experienced by every girl on the wedding day. Of course, we want everything to be more beautiful, better, fairytale than everyone. In the performance of these desires, numerous bridal shops can help, in which there is a huge variety of wedding attributes and wedding dresses.

But among all this diversity is very difficultfind beautiful wedding glasses, it is this attribute is the most important after the bride's dresses and wedding rings. But no matter how sad, it is not an easy task to find original wedding glasses, because they must reflect all tenderness of feelings. And the glasses, as evil, are devoid of individuality, and the swans drawn on them, this is often the limit of the imagination of their creators. Of course, we are not talking about the brides of the oligarchs, their wedding glasses are the design work of the most famous designers. But unless the brides of rich people are allowed to drink champagne from designer glasses? - Of course not!

Let your glasses not be decorated with diamonds,but from this they will not lose in beauty and uniqueness. It's about how to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands. It's all about fantasy, and what you want to display, what emotions should reflect your wedding glasses made at home.

In order to decorate wedding glasseswith your own hands, you need to take: paint in a can of white color (it is better if it is a special paint for glass); two or three sizes of white, or blue, or golden pearls; a variety of ribbons (lace, silk, satin), a bit of beads (in the color of pearls and ribbons); adhesive tape and glue.

Let's say that on a glass you need strips orhearts, means we stick places for strips or hearts with adhesive tape (so that the shape of the hearts turned out beautiful, you can take a sticker in the form of hearts).

The next step is decorating wedding glasseswith their own hands, will spray the paint on the glass, after which it will be necessary to let the paint dry out. Next, remove the stickers and get transparent strips or hearts.

In order for a transparent pattern to be more expressive, we make beads with beads.

Also beads can make a contour along the edge of the glass, using glue for this.

The glass will turn out beautiful and unusual, but somethinggrabs ... Replenish this shortage by tying the leg of the glass in advance with the harvested ribbon. The tape should also be fixed with glue. After fixing, carefully trimmed with pearls in order of decreasing in size, from the center of the bow to the end of the ribbon.

Now the glass has a unique look, but you already have no clue how to decorate wedding glasses. Tie glasses can be the same ribbon, or similar in texture and type.

Decorate your wedding glasses yourselfand with the use of shells, and feathers, and petals of artificial flowers (although, it is possible and from natural, but it is still a risk that the glasses will lose attractiveness until the end of the evening).

Those who knit crochet do not need a long timethink about how to make wedding glasses. You can tie a tender frame for your wedding glasses, gently attaching it with glue. And anyway, if you just simply lace the body of a glass with a lace ribbon and add the same ribbon to the stand of the glass leg, these simple processes will already give a certain character to your wedding glasses.

In the end, I think it necessary to note that in order to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands, you must do this on simple, without patterns and patterns, glasses.

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