What is pasynkovanie and how to patronize tomatoes correctly.

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First of all it is necessary to understand what ispasynkovanie and why it is necessary to carry out this rather complex and time-consuming process. So, pasynkovanie - is the removal of unnecessary shoots in plants, in our case - tomatoes, which grow in the open ground. Steps are taken to get a better and early harvest. It is due to the fact that when cutting unnecessary shoots, the plastic substances of plants, on which the quality of the crop directly depends, are expended only on the fruits and leaves that are necessary for their nutrition. From this we can conclude that cutting off excess shoots is a necessary process for obtaining a good harvest. Let's analyze in detail how to patronize tomatoes correctly.

Stephens need to be deleted as small asonly they will reach 3-4 centimeters in length. If they outgrow, then the very meaning of pasynkovaniya will lose sense, because the plant will already spend a certain amount of plastic substances on their cultivation. Also, pruning adult shoots can seriously damage the plant, leaving large "wounds" on the stalk.

Perhaps you wondered if it was possible at allgo in for tomatoes. Of course, you can, just remember that in this case the harvest will completely depend on three factors: weather conditions, correct pollination and tomato variety. Without pasynkovaniya manage only specially produced varieties. That is, pasyning is just one of the ways that will help increase the chances of getting a good harvest, whether to use it or not - it's up to you.

We found out how to patronize tomatoes, nowlet's figure out how to choose the right time for trimming shoots. Before you go in for tomatoes, remember one simple rule that most gardeners adhere to: only those fruits that matured before the first of August can fully ripen; all those that appeared after this period, just waste the resources of the plant. To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct pasynkovanie once for all time. In late July or early August, remove all the stepsons from the plant, leaving only 2-3 leaves over the fastened fruit; inflorescences that just appeared, also need to be removed from the bush.

There is another way of pasynkovaniya tomatoes, heis to remove excess shoots with regularity every 10 days. Now we'll figure out how to patronize tomatoes in this way. Examine the plant. If it is formed by only one stem, then only the main shoot should be preserved. If two - then you can add a stepson from the sheet under the first inflorescence. If three - it is necessary to leave also the lower stepson. This method is more laborious, but using it, you will be able to fully control the formation of each bush, which in the end will reward you with a good harvest.

You yourself will have to choose how many stemsleave on a bush, it directly depends on the variety that you decided to grow in your own garden. For example, if you want to grow very early fruits from the shortest varieties, then you should leave one, maximum two stems. As a consequence, tomatoes will rip much faster, but only on the first 3-5 inflorescences. If you leave three stems, then the tomatoes will be larger, but they can be smaller and partially remain green.

Now you know how to patronize tomatoes. Remember that circumcising extra stepchildren is the right way to getting a good, early harvest of tomatoes. No matter what method you use, the result will be unambiguous. But it is worth remembering that a good harvest depends on many other factors, such as the right place for planting, good pollination and weather conditions.

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