What does carrot dream about? We'll find out!

Spiritual development

Many believe that dreams can save them fromtroubles or warn of the coming joy. Therefore, they try to memorize any little things that they see when they are asleep, and in the morning the first thing they look for is value. And then they wait for it to come true, and in some cases unconsciously adjust to the interpretation of their dreams. And then they try to prove to everyone that this is all true. Maybe it is. It is for such people that there are dream books. It happens that even the interpretation in them is different. But here everyone chooses the meaning and the dream book by himself. Let's try, for example, to consider what carrots dream about.

The female dream book tells us that if you see how you eat it, then it promises you a speedy wedding. And he prepares for the fact that in this marriage you will have not one or two children, but much more.

what does a carrot dream about
According to the Culinary Dream Book, seeing carrots means adding to the family. And for unmarried and unmarried - an expedition to the registry office.

What does carrot dream about?

If you look at the book "Small Weles dream book", thenyou will see here different interpretations. This is either to health, success, joy, profit, fun, or to shame, illness, effort, wasted. And if you see how you eat carrots, this is definitely a disease.

The newest dream book tells us that this is for health and prosperity in business. A Russian promises a quick profit.

According to the family dream book, to see carrots is toprosperity in business and excellent health. If a young girl eats her, it means she will successfully marry in the near future. And not far off is the time when she will become a lovely mother to a few pink-cheeked carapaces. This is what the newest dream book tells us.

Why dream about carrots yet?The interpreter of dreams deciphers this as an omen of the disease. The modern dream book treats such a vision as success in business and unshakable health. And for an unmarried girl this dream promises an early wedding and a rush of children.

dream interpretation of what carrots dream about
The 2012 dream book presages good health and prosperity for us. And, like some others, prepares a young girl for the fact that she will soon become a mother to beautiful children.


A dream book for the whole family promises women that theythey will bathe in gold and wear only diamonds, and also promises strong health. In addition, unmarried girls will soon enter into a lasting happy marriage and give birth to a minimum of three children. And men - promises to receive inheritance and promotion.

Dream interpretation for a bitch (there is one!) promises wealth, success in his career, well-being, health. Dmitry and Nadezhda Winter, answering the question "what does a carrot dream about," say that this is a good sign, embodying health and everyday pleasures, if it is pure and ripe. And if not, then, on the contrary, family troubles, illness, grief.

More Interpretations

The dreamer of the summer birthday says that to see how you carve the carrots is a sign of family consent.

And the dream book of those who celebrate winter and spring promises that soon you will have to show off to someone.

According to the dream book of autumn birthday - this is only health.

what does carrot tartaya dream about
And if you want to know what carrots dream abouttartaya, then Martyn Zadek will explain this as an omen of sadness. According to Miller's dream book it promises us prosperity and health. If a young girl eats carrots, she will soon be married, and she will have restless kiddies.

A Dream A to Z promises profit, promotion ofcareer ladder and business success. If you dig in the garden, it's for health and prosperity. Plant (if the dream of a man) - to nedomolvkam, quarrels and strife. Harvesting means refusing to increase. There are carrots (for the girl) - to a new fan, which, however, will soon be rejected. Tear root - to a successful marriage and a large number of children. Cooking - to a slight indisposition, marinate - to a significant loss.


This is what carrots dream about. And how your visions will be interpreted by you, it is only your choice. See dreams and go through life a step ahead.

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