Why dream about what the car hit? A detailed interpretation of the dream

Spiritual development

After awakening, any dreamer will think aboutwhat his night dreams may mean. In particular, the treatment of those people who are prone to an emergency or disaster. It should not always be assumed that dreams in which you are faced with danger can also bring troubles in real life. Let's figure out what we dream about, what the car hit you or someone else.

what is the dream that the car hit


To properly explain such a dream,remember its details. First of all pay attention to the driver. If the car was sitting at the wheel of a fair sex, then your personal life will soon change. Perhaps, on the way to meet a beautiful woman who turns your destiny the other way. It is also important to follow up with the abuser. If the dreamer attacked her with fists and threats, then this person in real life will bring a lot of hassle. Why dream about what hit the car behind the wheel of which the man was sitting? In this case, you can talk about the ill-wishers in your environment. Do not trust doubtful personalities and do not be frank.

Night or daytime

If you hit a car at night, and seeThe culprit of the incident was not possible, be sure that in real life you have a secret admirer or fan. Acquaintance with this person will only benefit the dreamer. Why dream about what the car hit in the daytime? If the incident happened in a crowded place, then you will face an unpleasant conflict situation. Try not to quarrel and not to provoke interlocutors, otherwise there is a possibility to get out of this situation in the loser.

The car hit another man?

Why does it dream that the machine was struck by strangers' people ora stranger? This means that a dreamer will help a good person and soon a friendship will begin between them. If the car was hit by a friend or relative, it means that the dreamer will be subject to strong feelings. Perhaps you can help solve the problems of the victim. Either way, there is no threat to the health or life of a dreamed person.

what does the car hit me about

Bad interpretation

If after awakening you are wondering, towhat dreams that the car hit me, read the information below. So, if the dreamer actually works in a hazardous industry with machines, equipment or other life-threatening aggregates, then dreamed dreams can indicate the possibility of an accident at work. Such a dream warns you about caution and special care. The same goes for people who often drive. Such a dream can predict an accident, so you should be extremely cautious and do not exceed the speed on the roads.

Why dream about what the car hit?A lot of dream interpretations treats similar dreams somewhat differently. So, the dreamer does not even suspect that there is a danger over him. Besides, it can concern not only him, but also his family. There is a way out of the situation, you just have to listen to your intuition, your inner voice. Try to foresee all the steps of your opponent, and then the trouble will bypass you. What if a dreamer is hit by a bright car? It says that the public will know about your problems.

After the collision with the car you flipped, youfelt a strong pain and saw a sea of ​​blood around them? This is a bad sign that promises health problems. Such a dream can also mean a danger to your relatives. The interpreter advises you to talk with your relatives and warn them about a possible health threat. Your family may have to make a choice, which later turns out to be fateful.

what is it that a car hit people

What if a dreamer knocked a person down?

If at the wheel of the ill-fated car satdreamer, this dream predicts a good acquaintance. If the victim is a friend or relative, then perhaps he will ask you to lend money. In any case, remember: if you had a bad dream, after which unpleasant emotions remained on your soul, do not worry. Do the following. Until dawn, get out of bed and go to the window, close your eyes and mentally say 3 times: "Wherever the night - there is a dream!". And forget about the terrible vision forever. Enjoy your dreams!

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