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What is prayer? Jesus Christ, the God who descended in the flesh on the sinful Earth for the salvation of people, left us many instructions recorded in the Gospel. There is much written about prayer. And the whole Bible tells us about the righteous who offered their petitions to God. What is prayer for people now? How correctly to make it? We'll talk about this today.

the prayer of Jesus Christ

When should we pray?

This is how the modern man is organized - the attitudemost people today are the same as for "first aid". Something happened, someone fell ill, you need to go to the exam - you urgently need to turn to God. And if all is well, then prayer is not very necessary.

Jesus Christ in the Gospel answered the disciples question about how to pray. This is the well-known prayer "Our Father". What does the word "father" mean? This is the old word for "father."

That is, if you are a Christian, if you are sincerebelieve in God and strive to live righteously, the Bible says that He is your father. Do you address your earthly parent only when you feel bad, something happens, you need money? If so, then it's a great pity for him - there is no true sincere relationship between you, you just use it.

And if God is our heavenly Father, our Father, then weshould apply to it every day. For a true believer, prayer is a vital necessity, giving strength, wisdom, filling the heart with love and reverence.

prayer to Jesus against Christ

For most people, far from God andchurches that never opened the Gospel, prayer is like a spell that needs to be read to make the wish come true. Such an approach has nothing to do with Christianity! What is "Prayer to Jesus Christ from Corruption", "Prayer for the sale of an apartment"? Such questions are now often heard from different people, and they refer to the conversation with God as conspiracies, mantras, etc. And this is very sad.

What words should prayer contain?

Jesus Christ left us an example. The Gospel records how the disciples approached their Master and asked that He teach them to pray. Then Jesus also spoke the known "Our Father". But this is by no means a ready-made prayer, which must be automatically repeated every day for 40 times - this is an example that we should use. It is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, in 6th chapter from 9th to 13th verse.


Let's analyze this prayer line by line and think over the meaning of the lines of the holy Gospel (the modern translation of the Russian Bible Society is given):

The 9th verse: "Pray therefore thus: Our Father who dwells in Heaven, Let Your Name be holy."

  • God is our heavenly Father, we glorify His name, we thank Him for all that we have.

10th verse: "Let thy kingdom come, let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

  • We obey the will of our Creator. This is especially important, because sometimes we do not know what we are asking God for. You, for example, can pray: "God, give me a car" - but the Lord sees the future - by the car you will break to death a year after its purchase. That's why God does not give you a car, and you are disappointed that He did not answer your prayer without even knowing that your life is saved. So, submit and humble yourself before the will of the Most High.

prayer to Jesus Christ for help

11th verse: "Give us this day our daily bread."

  • You can ask in prayer for the solution of your problems. Prayer to Jesus Christ for help in work, study, family life, and other matters is not at all blamed by God - this is your "daily bread."

12th verse: "Forgive us all our debts, as we forgive those who owe us."

  • In prayer, forgive all those who offended you and did you something bad. Then God will forgive your sins.

The 13th verse: "And do not put us to the test, but deliver us from the villain, for yours is the kingdom and power and glory forever." Amen. "

  • Ask God for strength in the fight against sin, thank Him for everything.

Such a prayer should be real. Jesus Christ hears your words!

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