Day Angel. Veronica - the mystery of the name

Spiritual development

Veronica is the name that came from the Bible. That's the name of the Jerusalem woman, who motherly helped Jesus, carrying the cross. Therefore in the Christian religion the name of Veronica is of great importance. Moreover, this name has a certain energy and euphony, so they are called girls regardless of the religious beliefs of their parents.

Day of the angel Veronica

A special holiday for everyone is the day of the angel. Veronica on the church calendar celebrates it several times a year. July 25 Veronica is righteous, July 20 - Veronica the martyr, October 17 - Veronica, the martyr of Edessa.

History of origin of the name

Veronica is a name, one might say, ancient. Its roots go back to the times of ancient Greece. The meaning of the name itself is divided into two parts. The first part is literally translated as "bring", and the second - as "victory". In general, the meaning of the name is "bringing victory". Everyone knows that Nick is a goddess, personifying victory. It was to her that all the soldiers offered their obeisances and honors, as she gave blessings to successful battles.

Most historians say that the name Veronica comes from the name of the wife of the Egyptian ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty Ferenika.

Name character

The childhood of Veronica passes in timidity andshyness. The girl is very indecisive. Over time, the character of Veronica is transformed, and it appears stubbornness and even irritability. Growing up, the girl acquires maternal qualities, although external behavior is more like a paternal one. Veronica is more comfortable to be in a male society. She can marry several times, the girl is excessively amorous and enjoys great success with the stronger sex. However, her feelings are impermanent and short-lived. The fire of love can quickly go out into her heart, and she simply crosses out her former lovers from her life forever. The energy of the name is lively, mobile, sociable, restless, obstinate. All these qualities are present in Veronica until old age. Veronica has one unpleasant quality - this is excessive stubbornness. Especially this quality is shown in girls born in winter. Often, Veronica can make dirty tricks to others and act out of spite. Especially if it's about heart issues.

Veronica Name Day Angel Day

Veronica lives every day with proudly raisedhead. She is not afraid of any obstacles, because in her name lies the energy of victory and success. This helps her in life to achieve everything she wants. Together with such strong qualities, femininity, tenderness and solicitude coexist. It is this combination in which it is most attractive for the opposite sex. What can I say, without dedication and wisdom can not be defeated. These qualities are always present in a woman named Veronica. However, it is interesting that on his day the angel Veronica shows special favor.

Interesting facts about the name

Veronica, born in the spring, are weakhealth and changeable nature. Appearance of "summer" and "autumn" Veronica bright, catchy and spectacular. But to "winter" Veronica is especially favorable luck. Success in business pursues them throughout life. Most often they are betting on a career. Family life for them goes into the background.

As a choice Veronica should choose Stanislav, Alexander, Leonid, Vladimir and Sergei. Possible problems with Vitali, Eduard, Nikolai and Semyon.

The name Veronica, like no other, has an effect on the character of its possessor. Virtually all Veronica can agree with those points mentioned above.

How to congratulate Veronica on Angel Day

To please Veronica, it is enough to presenther glorifying congratulations on the day of the angel. Veronica will be pleased with any gift, but from the words, speaking about her exceptional qualities, will be delighted. These girls like compliments. There are many congratulations on the day of the angel. Veronica with pleasure will listen to them for hours. They are especially beautiful in the poetic form.

the day of the angel of the speedwell according to the church calendar

Veronica, victory and strength.

Congratulations on this day,

Let the obstacles with proud force

You will eliminate with sword and fire.

Veronica, you are a victory,

The name is for you.

How many times have you been successful in life

I brought it to myself and to people!

We wish you good luck,

Obstacles can always be overcome.

Let happiness, joy, goodness and glory

Fate is bestowed upon all will be for you.

Celebrates Veronica name-day (the day of the angel) with special splendor. This is a woman-holiday, she will not miss any opportunity to attract attention.

Talismans named after

congratulations on the day of the angel Veronica

Among the planets, Veronica is patronized by the Sun. The sign of the zodiac Leo is most suitable. A symbolic animal is a tiger. The color energy of the name is black or blue. Tree-protector - cypress. The flower for Veronica is of the same name. Onyx is a stone that brings good luck.

Although the day of the angel Veronica on the church calendarmarks three times a year, the most popular summer dates, since they are endowed with special energy, which can even affect the character of the owner of the name.

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