Sagittarius Stone: Magic Properties

Spiritual development

Stones are not only unique jewelry raw materials, but also a wonderful creation of nature, endowed with mysterious magical properties.

archer's stone
Choosing a stone as a talisman, is notOnly take into account your sign of the Zodiac, but also accurately represent what you need it for. The stone of Sagittarius should be harmoniously combined with the personality, take into account its individuality. People who were lucky enough to be born under the sign of Sagittarius are often daughters of fortune, lucky ones, and often they are helped by the chosen amulets in time. And, if before you get a talisman, Sagittarius will not spoil your health exclusively with your frivolity, then the stone will give your owner all the chances to live to his old age in a sound mind and solid memory.

Decades of the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius and stones

All those born under the influence of Mercury in the period from23.11 to 02. 12 Sagittarius, strengthen courage, induce to independence, strengthen the firmness of the spirit will help: garnet, agate, amethyst, jade, lapis lazuli, quartz, jasper-bloodstone and falcon eye. Sagittarians, who were born during the period of the influence of the moon from 03.12 to 12.12, will be able to strengthen imagination, develop imagination, regulate the changing mood and protect them during travel: turquoise, opal, onyx, hairy, chalcedony and chrysoprase. Stone Sagittarius, born under the influence of Saturn in the period from 13.12 to 21.12, a sensitive and persistent nature - garnet, hyacinth, sapphire, chrysolite, emerald, zircon.

stones suitable for archers

Stones-amulets: when to choose what?

All without exception, stones suitable for Sagittarius(sapphire, topaz, amethyst, chrysolite, turquoise, opal, carbuncle, emerald, agate, hyacinth, zircon) are green or red. The main warning for Sagittarians is to never choose jade, it will bring only problems and troubles to its owner. If Sagittarius is going to a party, a merry party that can not do without hot drinks, it is best for him to take an amethyst with him: he will not only help to relax, but also protects from strong intoxication and its consequences, such as reckless actions and decisions. Amethyst will also help the ladies, thirsting for romance and beautiful courtship. The stone translates all the erotic motives of the beholder's actions to a more elevated platonic level. And yet the amethyst delays the appearance of wrinkles so unwanted by any prelum.

stone of the zodiac Sagittarius
If we consider topaz as a stone of the ZodiacSagittarius, he calms the passions of unbridled nature, while generously giving men wisdom wisdom, well, for women - the desired fertility. Chrysolite - develops the gift of foresight, improves intuition. Opal wear is recommended only to noble people, people with a frustrated nervous system choose this stone as an amulet is not worth it. Sapphire - a symbol of loyalty and modesty, recommended Sagittarius-newlyweds, he will certainly attract the mercy of fate, not without reason he is called the "talisman of the wise." The stone of Sagittarius - the emerald - is not only precious, it enlightens the mind and reveals the mysterious secrets of the future, frees you from anguish, saves you from evil spirits. But many Sagittarians are advised to wear agate in order to avoid slander and control irritability.

We choose, we are chosen

Choosing one of the proposed talismans, we must remember that the stone of Sagittarius exists in a symbiotic relationship with its owner.

zodiac Sagittarius
When selecting an amulet, one should listen toinner voice. The properly chosen talisman stone will serve its master faithfully, because he also chose it, a kind of sympathy arose between the owner and the stone, and only such an idyll can fully awaken the hidden magical effect of the amulet.

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