Rooster: the symbol and meaning of Feng Shui

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Often when decorating the interior we usesymbols and talismans, borrowed from Feng Shui. Each figurine of an animal, fish or bird is a kind of activator, attracting a certain kind of energy. Talismans of this ancient Oriental doctrine perform the function of magnets. They attract what a person wants to have, in other words - what he lacks for a harmonious existence.

Rooster: what does this symbol mean in Feng Shui

One of the most common talismans inFeng Shui teachings are animals. These include: a toad, a dragon, an elephant, a turtle and, of course, a rooster is a symbol of the accumulation of wealth, attracting luck and well-being to the house. This talisman, within which positive energy is enclosed, is a minimized copy of a real bird with a muscular chest, a bright crest and a chic tail.

cock symbol

Depending on the type of material from whichthe statue is executed, the cock can have a different value. A bird made of natural materials can bring luck, wealth, career growth to the house. It is worth noting that the rooster is a symbol of the masculine beginning, a defender who protects the house from ill-wishers and natural disasters (in particular from a fire). As a mascot, the bird is most often located on a flat surface or on a hill from money.

How to choose a cock in Feng Shui

To attract luck and wealth, talismans in Feng Shui are made from natural materials: metal, wood, clay, etc. At the same time, each such cock will have its own symbolism.

A bird made of metal climbinga metal slide, symbolizes the accumulation of wealth and good luck in the entrepreneurial sphere. Such a statuette will be useful for people who want to get not only a good income, but also public recognition. It is believed that this bird is able to endow its possessor with patience and coolness.

In the family life, the cock is a symbol of conjugal fidelity. Such a talisman in the house will protect against treason and help to establish relations between partners.

cock symbol and value

A bird made of wood will bring a cozy homeand peace. With the help of such a talisman, you can increase the amount of positive energy in your home. The wooden cock positively influences the human psyche, helps to relax the body and restore strength.

Ceramic, porcelain or crystal cock protects the house from ill-wishers. Such a talisman promotes the transformation of negative energy into positive energy.

Where is the rooster symbol in the house?

Depending on the goal that a person wantsreach with his mascot-rooster, he can place it in different zones of his apartment. For example, to achieve and accumulate wealth, the statuette is placed in the south-eastern part of the room. If a person wants to achieve fame and fame, then his bird should be in the southern zone.

the cock that means this character

The rooster, located at the entrance to the house, symbolizes protection from ill-wishers. At the same time, he must look inside the dwelling, not outside. A bird that protects family life from infidelity can be put in a closet.

How and to whom to give a cock

Talisman is the accumulation of wealth, good luck andwell-being in the form of a cock is an excellent gift for all close and dear people. But you need to give it in the appropriate way. The rooster, the symbol and meaning of which is directly related to wealth, is presented in a red opaque box. You can also choose an opaque package and tie it with a red ribbon. Why this bright and saturated hue? The red color in Feng Shui symbolizes wealth and its multiplication, which coincides with the value of the talisman described by us.

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