Day of the Angel of Ludmila. The meaning of the name and patrons

Spiritual development

When do they celebrate their Day of the Angel of Ludmilla? Today, this name is not so often called neonatal girls, but once it was one of the most common female names in the countries of the former socialist camp. Let's find out who is patronizing Lyudmila, what her character and astrological characteristics are, when the Day of the Angel of Ludmila is celebrated.

Meaning of the name

It is of Orthodox origin and means"Dear people". The main energy characteristics: sanity, pragmatism, practicality, independence. The phonetics of the word is dual: the first part of the name refers to a strong and strong-willed character, the second to a sweet, sociable, compliant and even affectionate.

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Character of Lyudmila

According to astrology, this name is most suitable for women,born under the sign of Libra. Lyudmila has a rather controversial character. Outwardly it is almost always imperturbable, although behind this calm emotions often rage. Since childhood Lyudmila has taught herself to be judicious, putting her above the senses. As a result, a girl with a youthful nails knows exactly what she needs, what can and what does not. In marriage, often seeks to reshape her husband to his ideas about a real man. Alas, she rarely succeeds, however, as well as women not with the name of Lyudmila. The nature of her name is such that it forces her to always and everywhere be guided by logic, although excessive rationality in love and sensual matters sometimes hinders. This is how Lyudmila acts.

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Day Angel

The date is September 29, the day of the memory of Ludmila the Czech. She is the patron saint of all her earthly namesakes, to whom this name was given at baptism. On this day they celebrate the Day of the Angel of Ludmila and the name-day.

Astrological name card

It has already been noted that this name is suitablewomen-Libra. The patronizing planet is Mercury, a suitable stone is jade, and the color is green. The color of the name itself is light green, sandy, yellow-brown. The patron saint, as already mentioned, is Ludmila the Czech (September 29 - birthday).

Lyudmila, Angel Day and her famous namesake

If we analyze the personality of these women, thenit becomes clear that they fully embodied the inherent characteristics of their name. Hardness, judgment, independence allowed them to achieve indescribable heights in their business. On the other hand, they were not devoid of femininity and charm, thanks to which they had national love and recognition, were "nice to people": "

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  • Lyudmila Gurchenko, actress of cinema and theater.
  • Lyudmila Zykina, the singer.
  • Lyudmila Kasatkina, a Soviet film actress.
  • Lyudmila Pakhomova, winner of the Olympic Games.
  • Lyudmila Savelieva, an actress who played the part of N. Rostov in the film "War and Peace" by SF Bondarchuk.

Holy Great Martyr

The Grand Duchess Lyudmila Czech isthe first patroness of the Czech Republic. She was strangled in 921 at the age of 60 by her relatives who preached paganism. She brought up her grandson in Christian traditions, later became the ruler of the state. She was canonized in 1144, and on the day of her memory, the Day of the Angel of Ludmila is celebrated. Her remains are still preserved in Prague, in the basilica of St. George the Victorious. Ludmila the Czech patronizes grandmothers, mothers, teachers and teachers (Christian).

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