Mysterious pink quartz: magical properties

Spiritual development

"And is he really so magical?"- I asked the old woman, who sold jewelry from the tray in the market. Considering the pendant in the form of a heart of rose quartz, I wondered whether to buy it for me or save it. "Take, take, because the stone of love is pink quartz. Its magical properties will help you, "the seller replied to me.

pink quartz magic properties

The pendant was not cheap, but I liked it very much with its smoky inner radiance. I bought it, but in the evening he called ...

In brief about the rock and the processing of stone

From other quartz rocks this species differsonly its color. It happens as almost transparent, and smoky opaque shades. The highest quality pink quartz is mined in Madagascar. The largest deposits of this mineral are found in Brazil. Small quartz formations are scattered all over the world - it is found on all continents in many countries. In Russia, pink quartz deposits are located in Altai and Karelia.

buy pink quartz
Buy pink quartz can be in products fromcut and smooth stone. Large specimens of this rock come across very rarely, usually a mineral is found in placers of small stones. The most beautiful form of processing is cabochon. This smooth facet emphasizes all the tenderness and mysterious smoky color of the mineral, for it pink quartz is so much appreciated, its magical properties are very popular among the people. Especially in this regard, valuable products made of quartz with the effect of asterism, in which on the polished surface of the stone in good light you can see running light stars.

The magical effect of rose quartz

Does not promise promotion on the career ladder, successfultrade or success in the business of pink quartz. His magical properties are closely related to the cardiovascular spheres of human life. This stone is famous for its ability to revive extinct feelings and heal the wounds inflicted on the human soul. The mineral has a beneficial effect on the character of the person, especially suitable for quick-tempered and aggressive natures, as well as for those who are prone to depression and pessimism. Wearing jewelery from rose quartz brings peace and tranquility and fills the soul with a feeling that allows you to forgive even the deepest grievances. This feeling is called love.

pink quartz bracelet
The wise stone of love in all its manifestations whenwearing on the body will help to restrain the outburst of anger, will ease the experience in a stressful situation. The stone of light and positive energy is pink quartz. The bracelet from it will not only add elegance to its mistress, but also, possibly, protect from the dark forces. So consider magicians and psychics who often use this mineral in their rituals.

A surprising force is pink quartz.Its magical properties are manifested not only in the improvement of the spiritual component of man. Many notice that when a piece of quartz touches the aching place, the pain gradually disappears. It takes on itself this stone the bad energy of a wounded organ. But its gradual mild therapeutic effect is possible only with the sympathy of man to this mineral. If you do not like pink quartz, do not expect grace from him, it will not help you.

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