Razgovenie is ... Interpretation in Christianity and Islam

Spiritual development

Such a concept as "fasting" (abstinence from food) exists in different religions. It is present in Christianity and in Islam. Accordingly, there is also a concept, which means "exit from the post."


Razgovenie is a religious act or the firstfood intake immediately after the fast. This word comes from the verb "break fast". Their roots go to the Old Slavonic word "goveeti", which translates as "spare, patronize, show indulgence."

Such a concept as "breaking up" is a Christian word. In Islam, this action has a different name - "Iftar".

Rapture in Christianity

In the Christian religion, "breaking up" is a receptionfast food at the time of fasting. To this taste of food carefully prepared, cover the festive table. After all, it is an opportunity to celebrate a festive and solemn event, share experience and joy with all close people.

razgovenie is

John Chrysostom said that this is a kind ofa reward for long abstinence and longing during fasting. At this moment it's customary to have fun, enjoy. A table should be necessarily full of varied food, so that no one went hungry.

At the same time Feofan the Recluse always reminded,It should be reasonable and restrained. After fasting implies purification both physical and spiritual. And during the "wide feast" you can instantly squander all that was found during a long post. Therefore, it is unnecessary to relax the believing person unnecessarily. In addition, gluttony is a serious sin in the Christian religion.

Someone believes that fasting is always necessary,constantly, abstaining from both spiritual and bodily sins. A breakdown is only an opportunity to give yourself a slack. One way or another, but the end of the fast, the Christian church always celebrates "on a grand scale."

What is the breakdown in Islam?

In Islam, the expansion is "Iftar". It means eating in the evening during the holy month of Ramadan. As soon as the Muslims read the evening prayer, they proceed to the Iftar. This happens at the same time, immediately after the sun has set. Later time is undesirable. An exception is possible only for people whose profession does not allow it to be done (doctor, pilot, etc.), but these are only isolated cases.

what is the break in Islam

Begin to break fast with water (enough pairgulps) and dates (only a few fruits, most importantly, to have an odd number of them). If there are simply no dates, then you can start the sweating with sweets, or better just drink some water and stop at this.

Immediately after the Iftar, Muslims read a sacred prayer. And only then go to sleep.

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