Why does a bird dream? Pay attention to details

Spiritual development

Is it possible to interpret dreams independently? After all, if you turn to people who are doing this for help, they will open the dream books. But you can do it yourself. Various interpreters and predictors will ask you questions that you can ask yourself: "What were the sensations accompanied by a dream? What details of the dream attracted the most attention? "For example, we want to know what the bird dreams about, and we see in the dream book that on the whole this sign is favorable.

what does a bird dream about

Deepening into the study of the symbol of dreams

Let's use the relevant literature. A woman, who is interested in what beautiful birds are dreaming about, can count on new bright love relationships. It is not excluded that in real life it is time for the dreamer to prepare for marriage. So says Miller's Dream Book. In this case, it is necessary to take into account some details. Why does a bird dream if it is injured or sick? In this case, sleep foreshadows disturbances related to the behavior of your children.

Do not harm birds in a dream

what does a big bird dream about

In the light of Sonnik Hasse's interpretationthe symbol is also favorable, but there are exceptions. Why do you dream about a big bird that you cut your wings in your dream? This is exactly one of the details that the dreamers are recommended to pay attention to. Such a dream warns that your happiness can be destroyed. In some moments, you should change your behavior. What is the dream of a bird flying upwards? Sonny Hasse reports that this sign promises you a loss. Killing birds in a dream is also not good. In reality you will lose something. Whether this is a thing or a break in relations, the dream book does not specify.

Beautiful birds - for good, sitting - for sadness

what beautiful birds are dreaming about

The same source claims that the multi-coloredA beautiful bird in a dream promises you health and vitality. If she dreamed of you contained in a cage, then in some kind of litigation you will necessarily take precedence over your opponents. It is good to feed different birds in the dream. This means that soon you will meet with good, cheerful friends. And why does a bird dream of sitting still? Sonny Hasse says that such a sign promises sorrow. But the flying will bring you good news.

General Dream Interpretation and Interpretation of the Symbol of Dreams

Why does a bird dream in the light of the interpretation of the GeneralA dream interpretation? Here it is written that in almost all respects this is a good sign. Dreamers are waiting for a successful life, prosperity and various kinds of profit. Although in rare cases, the symbol can warn of gossip behind your back. Therefore, pay attention to the state of your soul after awakening. You yourself can feel what changes are trying to enter into your life. If you dreamed a lot of small birds - this is clearly a profit, and to feed them in a dream - also to good. If you are lonely, you will soon get acquainted with good people who will become your friends.

what beautiful birds are dreaming about

Overcoming obstacles and happiness

What does a bird dream aboutsinus? In real life, you will be happy. True, if it was a hawk, falcon or an eagle, then you can be deceived. Having shot these predators in a dream, you are sure to be able to overcome any obstacles. Having driven away the birds attacking you in dreams, the dreamers will realize their boldest projects, and in all affairs you will be lucky. We wish you this!

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