Miraculous Prayer of the "All-Russian" Mother of God

Spiritual development

In Greece, on the world-famous Mount Athos,in the monastery, called Vatopedi, there is a wonderful icon, from the 17th century helping people to find peace and joy of life. It is about the image of "Pantanasse", otherwise - "The Most Holy Theotokos of All Russia".

History of the icon

the prayer "All-Russian"
This icon has an interesting history. The glory of her went through the cities and villages from the time when visitors to the temple witnessed an amazing event. As the legends say, one day a young man approached the image. But as he approached, something threw the boy aside and literally threw him to the floor. Then a hot penitential prayer flowed from his lips. "Vsezaritsa" seemed to feel that this young man is engaged in magic and sorcery, stepped on the path of a slippery and dark, which means that he can ruin his soul, become a prey of evil forces. Such a wonderful manifestation of the power of God deeply shocked the beginning magician. He was frightened of the Lord's wrath, repented and began to lead a decent life. That's what revival prayer means! "Vsezaritsa" has since attracted and attracted people from all over the world. With what only needs to it do not go! First of all, they are victims of various negative energy effects: damage, evil eye, conspiracy. And also suffering from oncological diseases. And there is a huge amount of evidence of a cure!

Name value

Prayer to the MostHoly Mother of God "Vsetsarica"
In fact, every image of the Mother of God canProvide invaluable assistance to the needy. The main thing is that your prayer should be sincere. "All the same" - the image is special. The fact that it has a truly wonderful, not measurable force, says its name. It stands for "The Queen of the World", "The Lady of All". It is not surprising that the demons who once possessed a magician were afraid of the image. Therefore, with her help, demons were cast out, they purged the people who were captured to the unclean. And the monks, the ministers of the temple, noticed another such feature. When this or that prayer sounds, "Vsezaritsa" as it were begins to gently shine, glow. From the icon as if grace proceeds. It has a beneficial effect on people. That is why such image of respect and respect for all Orthodox images evokes. And the lists from him are honored to have Christian churches. Yes, and in private, home iconostases to see it - is not uncommon.

Icon Description

The prayer before the icon "All-Russian"
What does Pantanassa look like? The icon depicts the Mother of God, all in royal scarlet robes. She sits on the throne and holds the Savior in her arms. In the left hand of the Child there is a scroll, and the right one blesses all that exists. The image strikes with solemnity, brightness, colorfulness. So is solemn and prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos "All-Russian". "Consonance of the words of the living" fills the soul with confidence and hope. But this is so important - to know the person that he is not alone, that there is something defending, protecting, leading through life through anxiety and trials. Especially if the person himself or someone from his relatives was struck by a terrible disease - cancer. It is known that the akathist and the prayer before the icon "Vsezaritsa" not only brought tangible relief, but also real healing. Therefore, lists from the "Pantanasse" try to have many cancer hospitals and monasteries or churches with them.

Be healthy and blessed by God!

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