What is the name of Ilya in the life of its owner

Spiritual development

"The power of God" - that is what the name means Ilya. It fits well with almost any patronymic and surname, common in Russia. In the country, they treat him with special respect, for this is the name of the epic hero and prophet who replaced Perun after his baptism. Strong, but kind. So it would have been described in previous centuries.

what is the name of the ilia

What is the name of Ilya for the boy

The name sounds soft and has female energy. A little boy is often called Ilyusha, which gives him even greater tenderness and some weakness. He will be a favorite of grandmothers, because he is very obedient and affectionate. I am happy to help my mom and dad around the house. He does not like to quarrel to such an extent that he would prefer to ask for forgiveness even if he was right. In adolescence, courage and straightforwardness begin to manifest. Then Ilyukha becomes arrogant, sometimes even out of place. Not inclined to dream, prefers to get a tit today, than a crane tomorrow. Under the influence of friends it is able to go wrong where necessary, but innate judiciousness and common sense will quickly return it to the right road.

Origin of the name Ilya

This is the Russian analogue of the Hebrew name Elijah. It is quite rare, and has never been particularly common. Planets named: Saturn, Mars, Sun. Patronized him Capricorn.

the origin of the name Ilya

What is the name of Ilya regarding the health of the owner

Ilya's health is not very good, especially to himwe must take care of the state of our nervous system, kidneys and liver. Maybe I'm not sure about my sexual abilities. Ilya has a lot of romance novels, but for him it is important that the woman was close to him not only physically, but also spiritually.

What is the name of Ilya: character of the owner

By nature, he is balanced. Sometimes Ilya can explode, but there will be no destructive consequences, and he himself does not hold offense for a long time. Restrained, often thinking about the future, may be dissatisfied with what he has today. Has a good memory. To old age, when it begins to realize that there will be no good in the future, it can become depressive and grouchy.

the secret of the name of Ilya

Secret of the name of Ilya: love and marriage

This name seems patriarchal, it is sois an. Ilya does not like hangouts and does not think of his life without family and children. After he gets to his feet and build a house, he will certainly want to bring the mistress there. He considers himself an earner and cares about providing his family. He is thorough, economic, his wife does not have to remind him of the need to screw in a light bulb or change the mixer - all this he will notice and do on his own. Sometimes Ilya can afford some pranks, for example, with friends to go amuse himself, but this does not mean that he is not serious about his family. Will return with a bouquet of flowers for his wife, help her to clean potatoes, and in the evening she will play with children with pleasure.

What is the name of Ilya for the owner in the professional sphere of activity?

Ilya loves to travel and learn new countries. Returning, with pleasure, will be engaged in the construction of a house, giving, repairing a car. In the professional sphere, Ilya does not like to be an organizer. He likes the activities where everything depends on him, and do not demand results from other people. Especially works well in tandem with a colleague whom he trusts. He can become a military man, a doctor, a builder, an interpreter, but whatever profession he chooses, he will work on conscience.

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