Dream Interpretation: a bag - the interpretation of a dream

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As the dream book says, the bag can also dream ofgood, and bad. This dream interprets every dream book in different ways. The bag can be full, empty, heavy, etc. Also much depends on the author. For example, according to Miller's dream book, a new bag dreams about gifts.

Hasse dream book: bag - what is she dreaming about?

To dream an empty bag means that a personcherishes the hope to get by will some kind of material wealth. If the bag is full, it is to lose the inheritance. A women's handbag of small sizes represents some kind of secret. To lose a bag is to be in the power of your debtors. A student's bag dreams of a gray and joyless life.

Dream Interpretive Bag
Miller's dream book: a bag - what does the dream foretell?

A small woman's handbag. If a person dreams that he has lost his purse or stolen it - he has to face the truth, and illusions will dissipate. See - live illusions, which, however, can still turn into reality. Get, buy or take - to the fact that the most incredible dreams come true. The more original the bag was in the dream, the more daring and interesting dreams will come true.

As the dream book says, the bag is new - to differentgifts. A complete large travel bag - to a successful trip with possible acquisitions in it. Loss - fears of losing in vain, you can not worry about possessions. Lugging heavy - property can attract the attention of thieves, especially in the absence of the master or on the road.

If a young girl dreams that she can notfind in the purse some necessary thing, it means that she is completely confused in her problems. Perhaps you should seek advice from someone more experienced.

To collect a travel bag in a dream - to stand in lifeon the threshold of significant changes. They need to be accepted and turned to their own advantage. Spill the contents of the bag - a warning against the unreasonable waste of finance. To dream in a bag of a person or to put him there - in life, the one to whom it dreamed, is dealing with some kind of secret, which is very hard for his soul.

Bag Dream Book

Meneghetti dream book: a bag - what awaits a person?

Positive gifts, inherited from nature or bought.

Modern dream book: a bag - options for explaining sleep

If a person dreams that he, leaving the house,noticed that he had taken the wrong bag he needed - this indicates that on that day he had forgotten his home at home, and to wait for it is useless. If instead of a bag a man holds in his hands a chic case made of leather, then luck will follow him on his heels. Also this dream can promise a new fateful acquaintance or a meeting. A new acquaintance may turn out to be a sufficiently influential person who will suggest ways to solve many problems.

A dream in which a person opens a bag and sees,that it is crammed with money in large bills, means that in life it can break a good jackpot. If there are copper coins, then a man will squander his strength in the fight against minor troubles and will not be able to achieve success in the main.

Dream Interpretive Bag
If a person in a dream finds a bag, then his affairsin reality they will not go very well, and there is some kind of threat. If you pick up the bag found, then the blow of fate will necessarily collapse, and if left on the spot, then from a difficult situation you will be able to get out without losses.

If a person dreams that he is tearing someone awaya bag of hands is a warning: one should not do rash things to not lose everything. This should not be forgotten, one must control one's actions both in reality and in a dream. Then you can avoid losses.

Bag: dream book of the XXI century

Avoska - useful family ties. Empty - the hope of success in all matters, and the full - to a lot of money.

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