Dream Interpretation: What Raspberries Dream About

Spiritual development

Raspberry is one of our favorite berries, whichthe same has a lot of properties useful to the body. And what if the raspberries in one form or another caught on to us during sleep? To answer this question will help the most complete and well-known dream books.

what is raspberry dreaming about

Why raspberries dream: Gustav Miller's Dream

Dreamed raspberries acts as awarnings that soon you run the risk of being in danger as a result of neglect and confusion in your affairs. However, if you put things in order on time, serious problems will be avoided. Why does a raspberry woman dream? For a woman, such a dream can mean the probability of being at the center of a scandal as a result of rumors and rumors spread by your enemies.

Ukrainian Dream Book: raspberry in a dream

According to the interpretation of this source, raspberries,seen in a dream, promises the dreamer a long, joyful and happy life. If you dream that you plant raspberry bushes, then you expect difficulties, which can be caused by intrigues of envious persons. Collect these berries - to a speedy wedding. Eating raspberries is a possible illness. To be in a raspberries - to confusion in relationships or debauchery.

why raspberry ripe

Dream from A to Z: why raspberries dream

Ripe and sweet berry promises a dreamer success anda great profit, ripe raspberries can mean the coming break of your love affair without any good reason, afterwards you can greatly regret what was done. Thick thickets of forest raspberry foreshadow a joyous event, and if you dreamed of picking berries, then you will succeed in business. If you are dreaming about how you plant raspberries in your garden, you risk getting into a scandalous situation that will become public. Purchase of raspberries promises unplanned expenditure. To drink in a dream tea with a raspberry - to disease by cold or a flu. If you sell raspberry seedlings, then prepare for a long period of failure.

East dream book: why raspberries dream

This source treats such a dream aswarning that the situation, initially taken for an exciting adventure, in fact can be a very dangerous and risky adventure. Therefore, you should think through each step. If you eat raspberries in a dream, then you risk becoming a gossip hero.

what is the raspberry dreaming about

Culinary dream: a dream about raspberries

If you dream of raspberry bushes, then you are waitinga very pleasant holiday, during which you can relax and have a great time. If you are presented with raspberries on a plate in a dream, then in the near future you will find numerous and varied pleasures. There is a raspberry - to profit and various honors. Buy or collect raspberries with your own hands - to get a valuable and pleasant gift.

Dream for the whole family: raspberries

If this berry has a representativethe fair sex, then she should be cautious, since she risks becoming a victim of intrigue and gossip. Raspberry, dreamed of a man, promises him an exciting love affair with a woman he will always remember. To children such a dream is predicted by a cheerful and carefree pastime.

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