Dream Interpretation: What is the reason for the rain?

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What is the reason for the rain?If it's clean and pleasant jets, to the joy. If the dark clouds, foretelling a terrible rainstorm, are in trouble. If a person in a dream managed to escape from this weather phenomenon, then soon any consequences will arise, from which he will be able to hide or avoid them.

What is the reason for the rain?
What is the dream that the sleeper contemplatesthrough the window? Such a dream is for luck. To hear, how the rain rustles, and to feel anxiety thus - means, soon the person will overtake an illness. If you can hear the raindrops breaking against the roof of the house - to family happiness.

If the roof is leaking, however, this water is clean, then you should refrain from doubtful pleasures in the near future. Dirty water is the forerunner of a looming danger.

To see some other people who came underrain - to the fact that the sleeper can never fully trust his friends and open to them. Dreams that you stand all wet under the streams of rain? Hence, it is worthwhile to beware of strangers and to behave very carefully with unfamiliar people.

Why dream of a girl?To the fact that she needs to be more serious in order to avoid gossip, which can be about it. To fall under heavy rain - in real life, you can expect an increase in wages or sudden profits. Summer rain is a good and pleasant dream, which is a harbinger of family happiness, peace and harmony.

Why does it rain, rain
It is worthwhile to consider what the rain is dreaming aboutHasse. A short, short rain means that a person will find excuses for all his actions. Why does it rain heavily? To the great success and success. To see also the sun during such torrential rain - to good changes, which will soon be overtaken. In general, to see such a dream is very good. This means that soon in life will come peace and security. If a person is caught in the rain, then soon he will find peace, and also get rid of the fact that he has long been tormented and did not allow him to live peacefully.

Many people ask themselves about what they are dreaming aboutrain, rainstorm cold. Yes, it happens that in a dream a person feels the temperature. So, a cold heavy rain - to the tensions between household members. Warm - to the idyll and harmony in the family. To get in the rain - soon we should expect tension in the relationship with a loved one. If during the rain a person's hair gets very wet, then soon a big and strong love awaits him. If the sleeper is not drenched under a downpour, this is to the fact that soon all plans and dreams will come true.

Why does it rain heavily?
In general, the question "what is the rain" for is differentThe dream books give an unambiguous answer - such a dream to a good meeting. If this dream is a dream for a girl, then she really does not have enough sincerity and warm feelings, but soon she will receive it in full. And for others, such a dream is a harbinger of pleasant gifts or profits. The modern dream book contains information that rains in a dream are a harbinger of harmony. After such a dream, you can relax, because all problems will be solved in the near future almost by themselves.

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