Vanga's prediction about Ukraine and Russia

Spiritual development

Practically in all states from time to timethere are times when people stop hoping for power. This is a difficult situation, and people need support or support, even if conditional or symbolic. And now there are those countries. Their inhabitants leaf through the ancient books, trying to find in the prophecies at least a tiny hope. Vanga's prediction about Ukraine is now more in demand than ever in this long-suffering country. Let's see if the seer can comfort the inhabitants, help them find the strength to fight for a brighter future.

prediction of a vangu about Ukraine


You know, Vanga's prediction about Ukraine is not soeasy to find. No matter how offended the current citizens of this glorious country, but the seer knew about the existence of the Soviet Union, and not individual republics. It was a great power, not a match for the current hegemons. Therefore, Vanga's predictions about Ukraine should be extracted from the general forecasts for the given territory. Of course, the clairvoyant could not get such glory if she did not describe the collapse of the USSR. She spoke of him with great regret and pain. Only about individual pieces of the Union, she did not talk much. Vanga's prediction about Ukraine has to be literally sought out among the mass of information. Let the present patriots of this state forgive the seer, but her heart was given to Russia. It was her that she considered "a hope for the whole world." Maybe she did not separate one republic from another? Or could not imagine that their ways would go away forever? Now we are unlikely to get an answer to this question. Wangelia did not spread it. Such was the woman. She believed in her gift, because of the poor, painful, she spoke with reluctance. And Vanga's prediction about Ukraine and Russia can not be called positive. She herself admitted that her soul suffers in advance from what appears to the inner gaze. By the way, the seer and other countries mourned.

Vanguard prediction about Ukraine

Probability of error in interpretations

Let us make one more digression before we giveknown predictions of Vanga about Ukraine by years. For sure the reader remembers that the clairvoyant vein in Bulgaria. She spoke in a little-known dialect, which made it difficult for her to communicate with, as they were said today, by clients. Vangalia was helped by a woman who knew other languages. However, her understanding of world politics, dialectics of the development of peoples and states was far from perfect. In addition, many who were interested in Vanga's prediction about Ukraine simply did not record what they heard. Do you understand? The seer was sharing the information, of course, but only the crumbs have reached us. After all, each of her words should be recorded, after making sure that the meaning of it is exactly what she sees. But if then people would understand what trials are ahead of the people! Probably, so they would do. Now we have to be content with crumbs: miraculously preserved evidence, memories, rare documents. Many of them, obviously, are distorted. Some - the features of human perception, others - unscrupulous propagandists. Given this, let's see what can be found in open sources.

prediction of a vangu about Ukraine and Russia

Predictions of Vanga about Ukraine

A difficult fate for the local people saw in the mistygave the future a seer. She often warned against aggressive behavior. It so happened that Vanga's latest predictions about Ukraine turned out to be the most faithful. The clairvoyant understood how difficult it would be for people. After all, they will be plunged into a whirlwind of political showdowns and conflicts. Vangelia has always been on the side of the common man. She believed that artlessness and diligence would save the world. The Ukrainians, as the clairvoyant said, will have to undergo a series of serious tests. They will "gain their strength and will" among the obstacles created by skilful deceivers. Many catastrophes were seen in the future by Vangelia. But Ukraine regarded it as a land protected by the Lord. Since there must be fewer victims and destruction than in other countries. The volcanoes and floods that will collapse on the earth in the period from 2010 to 2030, will not particularly affect the country. It is necessary only to receive newcomers, fleeing from disasters. Vanga predicted that people in Ukraine will go from the south. There will be a big trouble. She also mentioned a kind of conflict that would affect all the inhabitants of the country. About him more.

the last prediction of the Vanga about Ukraine

Heavy years

Approximately from 2013, waiting for this regiontests. They are given in order for the people to understand their mistakes, thought the clairvoyant. She talked a lot about sin. Her opinion was such that humanity would be mired, as we would now say, in the materialism. People will become selfish. "Mothers will forget about children," Vanga said. No one can be relied upon, trusted. It is the Lord who will encourage people to remember their duty. This share will fall to the Ukrainians. They will have to go to the light through hardships and tribulations. Not everyone, but someone who understands. In this sense, Vanga's prediction about Ukraine and Russia was the same. Only then will the people live well, when each person will remember about brotherhood and friendship, about a single planet for all. And for the time being there are tests.

Vanguard prediction about Ukraine by years

Weather Changes and Disasters

In this regard, Ukrainians are lucky like no one else.According to the clairvoyant, they are not particularly affected by volcanoes, floods, or fires. And this "good" in the world will happen a lot. In this way, if you believe in Vangalia, the land will become clean from filth. The weather in some years will please the local residents. If they put their hands to the ground, the harvest will be good. Nobody will die of hunger. However, one should prepare for fires in the forest area, warned the seer. They will not be strong, but tangible. In addition, Ukraine was not lucky with its western neighbor. Europe Vanga foreshadowed the war. They will be reflected in Ukraine. After all, people will flee from chemical and climate weapons, who will survive, of course. Again it is necessary to receive immigrants. But it will be after the twenty-fifth year.

predictions of a vanga about Ukraine by year list

Vanga's predictions about Ukraine by years

List of prophecies concerning thisthe state, as already said, is not very large. Of the available materials, there are only a few. In 2014, as they say in reliable sources, a serious conflict will begin. It will be short-lived, but hot and painful. In her soul, Vangelia offered her descendants a glimpse. Conscience will tell you who to believe, how to act. 2015-2016 will be troubled. The seer would say that a man with weapons is standing over Ukraine. But this is not a military man, but a bandit. That is, we should expect an explosion of crime. She did not frighten people, but warned. It is necessary to understand which side the danger is waiting for. Only by about 2030 everything will completely calm down, people will live peacefully and happily.

Communication with the whole world

The reader can think about why so longUkraine will endure hardships and misfortunes. To answer this question, one should pay attention to the predictions for the whole planet. This, according to Vanga, is such a difficult time. Everyone will have a hard time. The seer understood with horror that the world war was approaching the earth with a dark shadow. She repeated that "Syria has not yet fallen." Only after that will begin the most terrible. However, she predicted another way for the whole world. You should look for kindness and light in yourself. The fate of the planet depends on each of its inhabitants.

prediction of a vanga about Ukraine and Russia

Positive in the end

It is not very pleasant to read about all sorts of trials.As if their lives are few. But Vanga had good predictions about Ukraine. She saw inwardly that the people in this territory live very strong. One thing is bad: in the dark, many will be deceived. And these words, it might seem, did not concern politics or propaganda. They, by and large, belonged to all mankind. After all, selfishness is now a common sin. Delhi drop parents, turn away from brothers, betray friends. All in pursuit of profit. We are now able to see this ourselves in everyday life and on top of power. But Ukrainians have two gifts: kindness and perseverance. They will help to overcome everything, expose lies and build a wonderful life for themselves and their descendants. Of course, not all of Vangalia's prophecies are fulfilled. But I really want to believe in the latter. And you?

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