Dream Interpretation: Why Dreams of Another's Wedding

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The wedding is always associated with fun,positive emotions, love, etc. And what does it mean if you dreamed during the dream that you were attending a wedding celebration? We propose to search for the interpretation of such a dream in several popular dream books of our time.

what does someone else's wedding

Dreamer Gustav Miller: what dreams of other people's weddings

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if a girldreams that her lover marries another, then such a dream promises her unfounded fears and vain experiences. If a representative of the fair sex sees herself in mourning at someone else's wedding celebration, then she is going through experiences because of the unenviable fate of someone close friends or relatives.

Dream Interpretation of Freud: Someone Marries in a Dream

Answering the question: "What are the dreams of other people's weddings?"", This dream book states that such a dream promises a dreamer very pleasant news that does not directly affect you, but also affects your interests. In general, the presence of other people at such a holiday is regarded by Freud's dream book as an exceptionally good sign.

Wangi's dream: what are the dreams of other people's weddings

If in a dream you saw yourself having fun atwedding of other people, then in real life you will enjoy a great party in the company of old friends. There you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the person with whom you will get stuck, it is likely, a love relationship. A dream in which you see yourself as an honored guest at someone's wedding, means that in the near future your help may be needed by someone close friends. Be sure to find the time and opportunity to do it in reality, because it is possible that you and him can be something.

dream interpretation of another's wedding

If they marry in a dream: An intimate dream book

Another's wedding, dreamed of you in a dream,is viewed by this source as a foretaste of a frank conversation with your current partner about the intimate relationships that have taken place in your life in the past. This conversation can be very tense and unpleasant, so try to think in advance about what and how you will talk.

Dreams of another's marriage (marriage): Russian dream book

To see someone else's wedding in a dream - to some kind ofserious changes in your life that will not take long to wait. If you are present at the celebration as a guest, then the changes in your destiny will be exceptionally positive.

An old English dream book: what does someone else's wedding

dream to see someone else's wedding
If you dreamed that you came asguest on someone else's wedding celebration, then in the near future you will meet a very pleasant and long-awaited meeting. Also, such a dream can be a harbinger of success in business or promotion.

Esoteric dream book: a strange wedding in a dream

The authors of this dream book state that ifin a dream you are watching someone's wedding from outside, not taking part in the celebration of direct participation, then in the near future there are likely to be some unpleasant events in your city or state that will not directly affect you, but will bring many unpleasant moments, feelings, worries and anxiety.

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