Simple guessing of love on paper

Spiritual development

Mysticism accompanies us throughout life. Different witches, wizards or psychics now offer their services almost at every corner. Also, a lot of programs about mysterious and inexplicable things are broadcasted daily on television. And what can we say about the fortuneteller of the Gypsy nationality, who obsessively offer to tell both about the past and the future of trusting passers-by. But in principle, everyone can independently perform such a ritual of divination, if he knows the whole sequence of actions and clearly observe all the rules.

Most of all people, and especially girls,It is not the past that interests, but the future relationship with a loved one. Everybody wants to know about their compatibility with the chosen one, how long they will live together, how many children will be and so on. And one of the most common and at the same time the simplest divination is the divination of love on paper. In most cases, such predictions are made by girls who are impatient and curious by their nature.

For this ritual, only paper and a pen are needed. And guess this way you can not only on the theme of love, but also on other various topics. Also, several people can participate in this process simultaneously. But even the most simple guessing of love on paper can have a profound meaning, especially if you believe in it.

Here's one such simple way. It is necessary to take a regular piece of paper and write on it a question that worries you very much. This question should be formulated in such a way that it would be possible to get a one-syllable "yes" or "no" answer. For example, "Does Vasya love me?" Then you need to summarize the number of letters in this phrase until you get a prime number:

5 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6

And then, on a special table, find out what this figure means:

  • 1 - your assumption is correct
  • 2 yes
  • 3 - no
  • 4 - has no doubts
  • 5 - possible
  • 6 - difficulties are foreseen
  • 7 - everything can be
  • 8 - yes, but later
  • 9 - hardly

This is simple arithmetic. How true is this guessing on love on paper, hard to say, but the fact that this process is very exciting - clearly unambiguous.

There are many more ways of guessing, in whichOnly pen and paper are used. They are all fairly simple, and you can use them at any free moment. And one of such ways is guessing on love on sticks. To do this, you need to make a wish and draw a lot of sticks on the paper. Their number can be anything. Then they need to be connected with a handle by three. And on how many sticks remain unconnected, will depend on the answer to your question. One wand in the remainder means that the desire will come true, two will not come true, and if not, then both options are possible.

The name is also often used in predictions. If you want to find out what future awaits you with a particular person, then guessing on love by name will help. To do this, you need to write on your paper your name and surname, as well as the name and surname of your loved one. Then you need to cross out the same letters in both names. And all the remaining letters must be summed up to get a prime number. And each such number has its own meaning:

  • 1 - you are approached, to each other and, possibly, to create a family.
  • 2 - people you are completely different and you will not succeed.
  • 3 - there is love between you, but it will soon pass.
  • 4 - love you, but do you love?
  • 5 - you have the usual mercantile relationship.
  • 6 - you are just made for each other.
  • 7 - you will have a joint future, but only on the basis of friendly relations.
  • 8 - love you, and love you.
  • 9 - you are definitely a couple, but you will have to try to keep your feelings.

Undoubtedly one. For someone who believes in such a divination of love on paper, it will come true. After all, the results of predictions will give him confidence in his actions or help get rid of illusions. Such fortune telling will allow you to look at the current situation from an entirely different angle. And this sometimes helps a lot.

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