Characteristics and a horoscope: a woman-snake

Spiritual development

The Snake Woman is a man to whom in Christiancountries are very wary. In the eastern countries, the snake is a symbol of foresight and wisdom, and therefore treat these reptiles with respect.

Woman Snake
The Snake Woman is a rather sentimental person,With a good sense of humor. It is the latter quality that brings it closer to many people. These girls are very beautiful and diligently emphasize their own dignity. They will always look after themselves and even go to the store across the road, go in full parade. They will never allow themselves to go out into the street in an unseemly way. These girls have great taste, understand fashion and follow all trends.

The Snake Woman, thanks to her stunningappearance, is enjoyed by representatives of the opposite sex. And she will never be left alone. Only if she wants to. I want to note one interesting fact: in Japan, for women, the best compliment is the one in which it is compared to a snake.

However, these people have disadvantages, like all people. Their refinement can grow into pretentiousness. Yes, the extremes are their main drawback. These women do not represent their lives without any accessories. Their passion is costume jewelry.

The Snake Woman is a philosopher by nature. Not a talker, not a gossip - such people consider all this to be empty and unnecessary. What they like is to reason, think and think about facts and objects that really arouse interest. They have a very rich imagination and a keen mind, and I also want to note a perfectly developed intuition, which they are able to use competently. These are wise women who, before doing anything, always think about the course of action and come to a definite conclusion. Only after the analysis of the whole situation has been carried out, the Serpent will begin to act. This can be called a kind of sixth sense.

Tiger Woman Snake Woman
In life, the snake woman moves only forward. She does not like to stomp on one place, and the failures endure painfully. These girls will never weigh all the pros and cons for a long time. Due to their quick perception of what is happening, the logical frame of mind and intuition, they quickly make decisions and act. These ladies can really do anything to achieve the goal.

So, what is this person in love? Speaking about personal relationships, it should be noted a couple, like a man-Tiger - a woman-snake. They will make an excellent union, if both force themselves to some extent to change. The snake must learn to stop being jealous without a reason, and the Tiger must provide his beloved with respect and love. If they are willing to accept this and change, then a beautiful couple will come out. And as friends, they will not have any more water.

Scorpion-snake woman
It is worth saying a few words about the combination of the year of birthand the sign of the zodiac. Scorpion-Snake - this woman is just the embodiment of fire. Quiet and self-confident, ladies with a steel character, unsurpassed charm, a grain of cunning and deep thinking. Independence and independence - these are the qualities that characterize this person best.

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