Divination in January

Spiritual development

It has long been a longing to guess at Christmas Eve, lastingtwo weeks, beginning with Christmas, which falls on January 6, and ending with Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19. Divination in January is the most truthful. At this time, predictions bear only a good meaning, all bad does not matter to the fortune-teller. If you believe in knowing people, everything that happens to you this year is predicted at this time.

It does not matter whether you believe in predictions orNo, but there is no such person who would not be interested in his future, and everyone knows about the peculiarities of divination before Baptism. In the old days, when paganism reigned in Russia, the ancestors of our people were wondering about health, the harvest, the absence of drought for a whole year ahead.

A holiday like Kolyada also takes its rootsfrom pagan times, since its symbol is the emerging sun. Only recently, after Orthodoxy came to Russia, Kolyada changed her name to Christmas. It was then that fortune-telling began to be considered something negative and sinful.

Nevertheless, people are guessing, and continue to guess - and these two weeks are used to immerse in the world of old magical rites and customs. So, here are some of them.


The date of this divination is January 13, the celebrationOld New Year. This is one of the most famous ways of guessing on Christmas Eve. Girlfriends gather a small company from someone at home, take a felt boot and throw it off the porch onto the road. In this case, the direction of the sock will be the indication of the side in which your future husband lives. Of course, in our days, boots are thrown out problematically, so they can be replaced with boots.

Divination by the rich groom

These divinations are held on January 7. To do this, you will need a bowl in which to put some items. So, for example, ash means a bad life; the sweet life will be lived by those who chose the sugar; the one who chose the ring, will be married this year; who liked the bulb, he will spend a long time in tears; a glass indicates a cheerful life; and the golden ring is rich. After such a guessing in January, you can no longer doubt that your family life will be exactly the way you chose.

Fortune-telling with the help of a dog

For this divination, you need a dog, or ratherits barking. It is for him to determine the age of the future bridegroom. The husband will be young and handsome, if the dog bark is sonorous and gay, if on the contrary, hoarse, then the groom will be in venerable age and well-to-do. With the help of this divination in January, the girls also found out whether they would marry this year or not. If the dog was not found, then they go to the girls for another year.

Guessing with the help of passers-by

The most popular method of divination in January for young and unmarried girls. At midnight on Epiphany they go out into the street andthe first one they meet, they ask any name. So they will call him a suitor. It is also necessary to pay attention to the clothes of the person who is asked about the name. Good clothes say that life with a man whose name the girl recognized will be of full prosperity, if on the contrary, one can only hope for a proverb that says that with a nice paradise and in a hut.

Divination by the Church

It is believed that if at midnight to bypass 12 timesaround the nearest church, lonely girls are lucky in love, and those who are simply not lucky in it, will become calmer on the soul after a new fan appears. So it or not, you can learn it only by trying this method.

If you are an ardent fan of Fortune-telling, then,First of all, one must remember one golden rule. If you have guessed right, it will necessarily come true, not now, so a little later; if it's bad, then you do not need to believe in it, otherwise you will get yourself into trouble. Believe in your happiness - this is the main condition for participating in divination.

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