Why does the red cockroach dream? We'll find out!

Spiritual development

Often from the surrounding you can hear the question: What does the red cockroach dream about? Believe in the interpretation of night visions or not - this, of course, is everyone's business, but it should be noted that these predictions periodically come true. Of course, there can be a coincidence, but if not? So if you remember your dream, take the time to see what it means. Now there are quite a lot of books c interpretations of similar phenomena. Let's try to understand all this diversity and find out what the red cockroach is dreaming about.

Interpretations on other books

According to the dream-book of those born in September and December, to see him means an early family scandal.

what the cockroach is dreaming about
According to the dream book of the birthday of the second quarter, thenthere is May - August, a red cockroach is a harbinger of a petty quarrel. But according to the book for the birthday of January - April, the cockroach testifies that you will receive news of an unpleasant incident. If in a dream you poison these insects, you will soon get rid of some friends.

According to the children's dream book, red cockroaches - to smallquarrels and troubles. If there are a lot of them, it's money. According to a small Velesov - to a rich guest, fun, if the cockroach is not alone, then to deceptive anxiety or troubles around the house.

Answering the question about what the cockroach is dreaming aboutred, "Russian people's interpreter" says that this is a symbol of molestation, trouble, dirt. If you are trying to catch him, then you are doing everything in your power to preserve peace and peace in the family and home. If in a dream your house is teeming with cockroaches, it heralds a string of quarrels in your life, and troubles are possible. If he falls on you - to surprise.

why the cockroaches are dreaming red
What does the red cockroaches dream about in Aesopian style?

According to this source, such a dream meansprosperity, as well as the possible early receipt of large profits. Trying to catch a cockroach - in reality means that you are doing everything to save peace and harmony in the family. If you are trying to prevent the invasion of insects with the help of chemicals - in real life, certain circumstances will force you to stop the business started, otherwise a black band is waiting for you. If you dream that many cockroaches have settled in your home, it means well-being and luck. Kill the insect - to the joyful news.

what cockroaches mean in a dream
What do cockroaches mean in a dream for the whole family?

Redhead and Mustache - soon you will havemoney, and the more of them, the more wealth you will get. Black cockroaches in a dream in reality mean promotion. If they surround you and try to attack, it means that the management can pretty badly spoil your life with your small and big cavils. If in a dream these are huge monsters, then you do not need to engage in self-deception.

According to Tsvetkov cockroaches in a dream - to a rich visitor. In the Ukrainian dream book - it's bad, something dashing, some troubles in the house.

The white magician tells us: such a dream means that we are wasting time on completely unnecessary things. See whole hordes of cockroaches - you are haunted by secret fears of being left with nothing.

Esoteric dream book promises us profit in the house, many new things, prosperity. If the cockroaches are unusual or mutants - you can have a radiation background in your house.

Simon Kananit, answering the question what the red cockroach dreams about, tells us that this is for joy and fun.

As you can see, there are many interpretations, sometimes they are encounteredcompletely opposite in meaning, so only you decide what to believe, and what does not. Or maybe you'd rather make up your own dream book - it's your right.

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