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Spiritual development

It can hardly be considered pleasant that the vision, inwhich man managed to get lost. A dream interpreter, however, does not in all cases assure that it is necessary to wait for something bad. There are good values ​​for such visions.

get lost dream book

Modern dream book

Getting lost in the city is not only unpleasant,but also scary. And if in real life in the case of such a feeling of panic covers us, then in a dream, for sure, the person is also experiencing it. And no wonder, because such a vision presages the solution of important tasks. And if the dreamer still can not find the right road, then in reality he will have to face the risk.

When a person is lost and does not even try to find a way out, this is a sad vision. Usually it is a subconscious reflection of those remorse that has long haunted the dreamer.

And if the girl dreamed something like that, thenit can mean only one thing. Namely the fear of new acquaintances and society. Even if she does not suffer from personality disorder, she certainly does not like going out into people. It is worthwhile, finally, to cope with this and adapt to city life. Otherwise, it can be overtaken by loneliness.

 dream book

According to Miller

A lot of interesting information can be told andthis dream book. To get lost in another's city and not to feel at the same time anxiety - to a favorable coincidence of circumstances. Perhaps a person expects success in his endeavors. But if he was trying to find the right way in a panic, it's to fear of changes that can happen in life. Yet this vision suggests that the dreamer trusts very few people. Of course, sometimes this quality saves, but if its manifestation is excessive, then something must be done.

If a person sees a lost child, then he must take control of the upbringing of his children. Otherwise, he may lose sight of them, and the consequences will be sad.

But if a child dreams that he is lost, thennothing terrible will happen. Most likely, he just feels a small fear of some event. It is not necessary to survive - everything will go like clockwork.

This is not all that can tell thisdream book. Anyone can get lost in his vision. But if it's a man, then a dream for him will not turn out well. Most likely, soon he will have to choose between two people, each of whom is very close and dear to him.

dream book to get lost in the city

What will the book tell Tsvetkov?

If the dreamer watched in his nightly dreamslost by an extraneous person who asked for help, then in real life he will be expected to get a very favorable offer. And they will need to use it.

Seeing a lost woman with a child is also good. Usually, after such a vision, a person receives favorable news from relatives or friends.

But if he himself is lost, do not expect good.This vision can only promise a loss of memory or a major failure. If the dreamer went in the wrong direction, which was necessary, but still found the right way, in real life he expects well-being and achievement of long-established goals.

According to Freud

This popular book of interpretations also givesA detailed explanation of the vision in which a person managed to get lost. Freud's dreambook states that if one can not find out the place in which the dreamer was found, then in real life he will lose some important goal. And through their own fault.

Watch out for an unauthorized person who isunsuccessful attempts tries to find the right way - to loneliness. And this is not just a dream, but an alarm bell. After him, the dreamer should take up his personal life closely, if he does not want to spend one more time for a long time.

But to see yourself, lost, sitting withdoomed and confused - to the emergence of a predicament in reality. The dictator advises not to get involved in dubious cases in the near future and not to accept "tempting" proposals. The consequences can be unpredictable.

dream book to get lost in the building

Other circumstances of the dream

You can get lost not only in the city, but, for example,in the forest. If a person in his night dreams dreamed this and he does not know what to give an explanation, a dream book will come to the aid. To get lost in the forest is even more unpleasant than in the city. In megacities, at least, there are people. But in the forest - very rarely.

If this vision was dreamed of people born withSeptember to December, then in real life they are doomed to despair. In the near future, they are waiting for a black band, so it is necessary to gain strength, patience, and go through the barriers.

According to Medea's dream book, this vision is translated as uncertainty in the future. Most likely, the sleeper just does not know what to do with his life further.

But according to the dream son of Tsvetkov lost in the woodsa person is a symbol of gossip and rumors in real life. However, if the dreamer wandered around the neighborhood with interest, then a useful and pleasant journey awaits him awake. But to feel panic, to understand that there is no right way, is to commit big mistakes. It is worth taking this into account and in the near future to show the utmost accuracy and alertness.

dream book to get lost in a strange city

If lost in the house

There are such buildings in which you can get losteasily. If something similar happened in the plot of the vision, then what to expect from it - the dream book will tell. Being lost in the building, being alone, is scary. But here the book of interpretations assures: this vision only speaks of the well-developed intuition of the dreamer. True, if he did not doubt, while wandering around the building. Was there confusion? Then he should revise the plans that he created for the near future. Perhaps, they will not come true if everything is not carefully thought through.

There are other interpretations concerning thosevisions, in which a man could get lost. The wanderer's dreambook says: if he wandered around the city and could not find the building where he had to get to, then in reality he does not have enough thrills. Perhaps it's time to go on an extreme holiday.

And as Freud's book of interpretations explainsA vision in which a man could get lost in a building? Dreambook says that if the room was large and unfamiliar, then in real life it is necessary to get acquainted with the person, which will cause incomprehensible, contradictory feelings.


If a person in a dream for a long time wandered aboutconfusing corridors and could not find a way out, in real life he will have to solve a very difficult task. And this will take him too much time and energy. But the dreamer will cope. And when the result is achieved, he will gain full freedom and feel himself a true winner.

The main thing is for a person to walk around the labyrinth inan upbeat mood - with the belief that he will find a way out. If he did not feel well, then, most likely, in the near future he will become depressed. And the reason for this will be accumulated problems.

 dream book to get lost in the woods

Other interpretations

Finally, it should be noted thattells an esoteric dream book about visions in which a person is lost. If he gets lost in the forest, it promises depression, a long process of self-interest and a bad mood. To avoid this, it is desirable to find the cause, because of which, primarily, and such a state of health arises.

If the dreamer does not even try to find a way out of theforests, he is entangled in himself and is afraid of the future. We must be more careful with this, since such periods are often delayed and then finding a way out is more difficult. The main thing is not to lose courage and try to support yourself in every way, even if it seems that everything is bad.

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