Determine the fate of the dream book. What is the dream about?

Spiritual development

When you are asleep, it is possible, in a dream,different images. Also, you can observe the events as if from outside or be involved in them. In any case, some objects or events of your sleep can be harbingers of some kind of life changes. In this article, we'll talk about what a dream ring is like an ornament and not only. In this regard, the interpretation of some popular dream books will be considered.

Ring in the dream book of Vanga

"If a ring is seen in your dream, this isa symbol of some of the failures that follow you, a predisposition toward a certain person, or even loyalty to him, "says the visionary's dream book. If you put a ring on your finger to a loved one, then you are unshakably confident in your feelings for your chosen one or your chosen one. When the ring is put on the hand of an outsider, it is likely that you will be offered help in solving some important issue for you, which you could not figure out yourself.

Dream, in which you are looking for a suitable for yourselfring and do not dare to choose, symbolizes that you do not feel any real heart feelings. Beware, if you are dreaming, how your ring falls from the hand. It is an omen that the promise of fidelity, given by you, will be broken. Thus, fate tests your feelings for strength.

And what does it mean to see a golden ring in a dream? Let us turn to the dream book of the 21st century and to the dream book of the nobles.

Dream Interpreter XXI century - the golden ring

To see on a hand a ring from gold has several interpretations. Perhaps you will marry, you will have a child, or if you put a ring on your hand, the desire you have envisioned will come true.

Noble dream book

Why dream of a ring of gold on his hand?The dream of the nobles does not contradict the dream book of the 21st century. Both of them claim that this is a vision for marriage or procreation. Well, now consider the dreams with different rings. And the symbolic meanings of such dreams are in the dream of David Loff.

The Dream of David Loff

The composer of the famous dream book David Loff givesmultifaceted interpretations of "ring" dreams. Look carefully at this dream book. A ring with a stone, magic rings in the fields, jewelry rings - all this lends itself to interpretation. Rings as jewelry symbolize the undertaken obligations or marriage. Magic rings, for example, painted on wheat fields, mean that you will have some unusual abilities. If you saw in a dream a circle or a ring painted on bare ground, you subconsciously feel the need for protection or are worried because of certain, not entirely successful, life circumstances.

Why dream a ring-find or a ring made by hand? Most likely, someone is trying to manipulate you. Especially if you think you have full control over the thing you found.

A ring in the old French dream book - what is it dreaming about?

If you dreamed of a ring as an ornament,then you have a serious friendship or love. A wedding ring is seen in a dream - to the family, children. Your married life will flow fruitfully and happily. Dreamed that you give a ring, your fan, boyfriend or husband is devoted to you with all your heart, and in him, believe me, a lot of warmth and tenderness for you. Well, a dream, in which they give you a ring, symbolizes true love without falsehood and false promises.

Why dream about the ring according to modern interpretations. The Dream of Modernity

If you saw wearing the rings on your hands - it promises you luck and profit. Does sleep show rings on others? Soon you will have new friends, there will be successes in the financial field.

You have looked through various interpretations of the symbol "ring" in a dream. Having learned in advance fate, you can properly prepare for future events.

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