Circumcision in men. Why is this necessary?

Spiritual development

Even in ancient times, circumcision existed among men in a number of countries that adhere to Islamic traditions. "Circumcision in men? Why do you need this?" - you ask.

In the 19th century, the American John Harvey Kelloggsuggested in this way to deal with masturbation. And very soon after this in the US, circumcision in men began to be done everywhere. At the same time, in the European countries, the above operation did not find a response among the majority of physicians. So, circumcision in men. Why do this procedure?

Circumcision in men why?

In modern conditions it is not so much a methodfight against masturbation, how much effective measure in the prevention of various diseases. Of course, today there are both supporters of this procedure, and its ardent opponents.

However, in an attempt to clarify the question: "Circumcision in men - why do it at all?" - it is necessary to emphasize that this is the oldest rite, which was known even in ancient Egypt.

The above tradition is revered and still.At the present time, the foreskin of the sexual organ is cut off by boys in some families professing Islam and Judaism. Undoubtedly, this operation is carried out exclusively for religious reasons.

At the same time, medical experts areapproaches to the consideration of the issue: "Circumcision in men." Why, and most importantly, is it worth doing this procedure? Some argue that circumcision of the foreskin of the male sexual organ helps to protect against cancer and a number of other ailments. Others, on the contrary, state that the above-mentioned operation will inevitably lead to complications for health.

Why circumcision in men

Why is circumcision necessary for men with medicalpoints of view? It is believed that if a representative of the stronger sex will not have a "pocket" in the genitals, then it will not accumulate viruses and pathogens. In addition, it will be much less prone to genito-urinary infections, and with sexual contact, the risk of spreading the papilloma virus decreases at times.

In parallel, the opponents of the "malecircumcision "believe that by performing the above procedure, it is possible to open external bleeding and easily get wound infection .In certain cases, complications can even lead to amputation of the genital organ. Moreover, circumcision of the foreskin of the penis can cause damage to nerve cells responsible for sensitivity.

What does circumcision mean for men?

At the same time, considering the question "what does it meancircumcision in men, "one can not but mention: in some cases, carrying out this surgical operation is mandatory.In particular, a disease such as phimosis is known where it is impossible to expose the head of the penis due to the fact that the foreskin is not elastic enough.

It should be noted that for men who were madecircumcision, sexual life is changing to some extent. The head of the genital organ without foreskin coarsens, thereby reducing its sensitivity and the duration of sexual intercourse becomes larger. For this reason, circumcision makes those men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

One way or another, the question of whether to circumcise men, or in this there is no need, everyone must decide for themselves.

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