Why dream of a garden with cucumbers or strawberries: interpretation of dream books

Spiritual development

Some people do not pay attention todreams, but many realize that what they see in a dream can foreshadow important life changes or even warn of future events. This article will tell you what the beds with cucumbers or strawberries dream about, according to the interpretations of popular dream books.

What does fresh cucumber look like?

Cucumbers are common and all favorite vegetables, common and in beds, and at the table. Tasty and crispy cucumber is often associated with good health and vivacity.

A fresh cucumber, seen in a dream, is considereda good symbol and rarely means something unpleasant. A large number of fresh cucumbers, seen in a dream, is an omen of cash receipts or career growth.

What is the dream of a garden

Cucumbers in a dream also mean that the sleeper has everything in order with health and mood. These vegetables, according to the interpretations of certain dream books, are symbols of success in any endeavors.

Fresh cucumbers, dreamed of people who have not yet met their soul mate, predict a new meeting for them, which can lead to a romantic relationship.

Family people cucumbers, seen in the dream, promise a harmonious marriage and the renewal of feelings.

Why dream of cucumbers in the garden?

To see in a dream cucumbers growing on a bed,means that the dreamer attaches great importance to new undertakings, and if he already realizes his ideas, then it should be done with due attention and concentration.

what does the cucumber in the garden look like?

Many people are searching in the dream books for the answer to the question - what does the cucumber in the garden look like? A given dream can be offered to a woman by a large number of admirers, who are trying to get attention from her.

Breaking in a dream, these vegetables from the beds meancash receipts, the resolution of disputed issues or the solution of confusing situations. Also, this dream means that the sleeper is ready for active and determined action.

Sonnets are often asked:why dream of cucumbers in the garden, which the dreamer watered. This indicates that the waking asleep person is inclined to unreasoned waste and this can seriously damage his budget.

Planting cucumbers on a bed is an ambiguous symbol.He urges businessmen to be cautious, they should not invest in a new business, not having made sure of its safety and prospects. People who see the meaning of life in family relationships, this dream promises joyful moments and addition in the family.

Why do you dream about beds with flowering cucumbers? According to the interpretations of the dream books, this could mean an improvement in the material situation.

Interpretation of the dream by the signs of the Zodiac

Sometimes people associate the world of dreams with their sign of the Zodiac and want to know what this dream portends to representatives of different signs.

In this article, we will try to tell you what the beds with cucumbers look like, according to their belonging to a certain sign of the Zodiac:

  1. Aries - to trouble.
  2. Taurus - to a long life.
  3. Gemini - to failure.
  4. Cancers - to worry and cares.
  5. Lions - to insignificant income.
  6. Virgo - to master new knowledge.
  7. Libra - ahead of opponents.
  8. Scorpios - to the transfer of pleasant news.
  9. Streltsam - to the happy moments in life.
  10. Capricorns - to strengthen material well-being.
  11. Aquarius - to sudden wealth.
  12. Pisces - to far-fetched feelings.

What does a cucumber look like in a garden for a woman

Interpretation of the sleep by the days of the week

Some people are interested in what the beds of cucumbers dream about on a certain day of the week. The article will then answer this question.

  • if on Monday night to see in the dream fresh cucumbers in the garden - this means success in business;
  • on Tuesday - welfare increase;
  • on Wednesday - the execution of the plan;
  • on Thursday - a trip;
  • on Friday - wealth;
  • on Saturday - the dream will come true;
  • on Sunday - a decisive action.

What does a strawberry dream about?

If a strawberry is dreamed, the sleeper is waitinga situation that will enhance his mood and strengthen his impressions. A dream in which the flavor and taste of a berry is felt as if in reality promises pleasure and new perspectives.

If the dreamer is at the stage of loveflirting, then strawberries can symbolize mutual feelings, understanding and convergence of lovers. A strawberry in a dream promises them joyful, positive emotions.

What is the dream of a cucumber bed

According to the interpretation of the dream books, women who are expecting a baby can see a strawberry in the event that they have a lack of romance in the relationship.

If a girl sees a strawberry in a dream, it canmean that soon she will plunge into the abyss of flirting or passion. If a married woman - it can signal the need for a transition to a new round of relations.

What does a strawberry dream about?

Strawberries on the bed can symbolize the development of a romantic relationship for the dreamer. It can also mean the presence or the birth of a sleeping flirtation in the life of a sleeping light.

A blossoming strawberry signals an awakeninga new feeling or the flowering of a relationship. Ripe berry in a dream indicates that the dreamer brings joy already formed relationships, saturated with love and passion.

Why dream strawberries on a bed in large quantities? This dream can be a symbol of not realized intimate desires. Strawberry field in a dream portends family well-being.

What does a strawberry dream about?

Straw in a strawberry bed canmean that in real life the sleeper should reflect on the fact that, following his illusions, one can not fail to notice the happiness that is located side by side. He should pay attention to the nearest environment and evaluate the dignity of those who show sympathy for you.

In dream-books, the same dream can have differentvalue. Only the person himself, searching for in the dream books the answer to the question of what the beds with cucumbers or strawberries dream about, resorting to intuition, are able to find the only correct meaning.

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