The healing and magical properties of the stone jade

Spiritual development

Alternative medicine has always been popular. A special place in this case is treated with special stones. People have long believed that they not only serve as decorations, but they can also influence the destiny of their owner, change it for better or worse. The magic of the stones was believed by kings and emperors.

Magical properties of the stone jade
There are a lot of examples in history when ordinary at first glance jewelry was involved in mystical and mysterious events.

The magical properties of the nephrite stone are already knownlong. It has a beautiful saturated green color. Presence of veins is allowed. More rarely there is a nephrite of other shades - black, white, yellow and blue. This stone has a lot of names. And they all emphasize the special properties of jade. For example, such names as clay and kidney stone are known.

The healing properties of jade can be listedpretty long. This stone is always pleasant to the touch, because it has a very high heat capacity. Therefore, it is often used as a kind of heating pad. Jade, as a rule, is applied to the abdomen and kidneys. It is said that it excels in relieving pain, gradually warming up from the heat of the body. Western doctors especially appreciate jade for his

Properties of jade
the ability to treat unhealthy kidneys. For this stone and received one of its original names. In addition, nephritis helps normalize blood pressure, strengthens the heart and stomach, improves hearing and eyesight, prevents hair from drying out and becoming brittle. This is a truly wonderful remedy for many ailments.

The magical properties of the nephrite stone in the regionmedicine are known very widely. They often decorated pillows to eliminate headaches and migraines, get rid of atherosclerosis. It is believed that nephritis treats eye diseases, has general soothing properties. He can even remove vertigo. Very often with the help of jade rollers make a special massage. They are also used in cosmetology. Jade perfectly affects the skin of the face, improves blood microcirculation, rejuvenates and tones the cells. With the help of this stone, you can get rid of stress and increased fatigue. Jade improves a person's working capacity, restores him a healthy and calm sleep. His amazing beneficial effect on the human body is proved by leading scientists.

The magical properties of the nephrite stone have a certain effect on the chakras. It brings harmony into the Yin-Yang ratio, fills with vivifying energy.

How does a nephrite look like?
It is said that the most powerful positive effect of jade is on such chakras as Anahata and Manipura.

This stone is very popular in China. There, people believe that jade gives its owner softness, strengthens the sense of justice, gives the desire to gain additional knowledge. It is said that this stone adds courage and confidence in life. He also helps to choose the right way out of the current difficult situation, brings a happy change. The magical properties of the nephrite stone prolong life, make it more calm and peaceful. It is believed that any changes in its appearance are evidence of all the acts in the fate of man. If the jade first becomes cloudy, and then it becomes darker at all, then, most likely, its owner has sinned. Such amulets bring good luck in business, financial affairs and gambling.

What does a nephrite stone look like in everyday life? Usually it is sold in the form of figurines of animals, figurines. Less commonly, jade is used in jewelry (earrings, pendants, beads). Of this stone, it is quite possible to make a case for a desktop clock, a stand for writing accessories or small talismans. But more often nephrite is sold in the form of rollers for a relaxing massage.

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