What does a monkey dream about: a dream book explains

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As a rule, monkeys cause in humansopposite feelings: on the one hand, we admire them and laugh at their grimaces and freaks, and on the other hand, involuntarily we see in these animals a great similarity with man. And what if these primates have dreamed of us? We propose to search for the interpretation of such dreams in several of the most complete and popular to date day dream books.

monkey dream book

Dream monkey: Dream Miller

This source is interpreted by a dream in whichthe monkey appears, as a foreknowledge of flattery and lies on the part of people who by all means try to achieve benefits at your expense. A dead animal, seen in a dream, promises the destruction of your enemies and ill-wishers in real life. If the representative of the weaker sex dreamed that she was feeding a monkey, then she was in danger of being deceived by a loved one.

What does a monkey dream about: Dream of Freud

A dream in which you observe jumps andgrimaces of this animal, predicts you acquaintance, which you will tie with a representative of the opposite sex in a restaurant or cafe, and finish in bed. Everything will be unexpected and spontaneous, so you do not even have time to evaluate what is happening.

dream interpretation of what monkeys dream about

Dream monkey dream: Dream Hasset

According to this source, a dream in which yousee monkeys, promises you to communicate with flatterers in real life. If the animals in your dream climb or jump from branch to branch, then in reality you will have to deal with stupid and bothersome people. Murder of the primate - to victory over enemies and enemies. The monkey's bite in the dream promises young people great love, but the old people predict the disease.

Russian dream book: what does a monkey dream about?

In the opinion of the compilers of this collectioninterpretations of dreams, this primacy personifies such bad traits of human character as cunning and insidiousness. Accordingly, the dreamed image of the animal is treated as a quick appearance in your immediate environment of a vicious man with bad intentions.

dreamy monkey little

Great universal dream book: monkey

A small monkey, cleverly climbing a tree, predicts you a meeting with treacherous and flattering person. Communication with him will not bring anything good.

What did the monkey dream about: Dream A to Z

Dream, in which you dreamed of primacy in a cage,can serve as a warning about the intrigues of vile people who are acting in secret. If you dreamed of monkeys performing in a circus arena, then you should not trust all people from your environment, because among them there may be envious persons and ill-wishers who have made your flattering speeches. Primates, galloping through trees in the rainforest, promise the need to communicate with mundane, short-sighted and stupid people. If in a dream you take a monkey in your arms, then someone from your relatives can expect health problems. To feed the primate from the hand - to a situation in which you will be very ugly, and perhaps even lower. To be bitten by a monkey in a dream - to great success in love affairs.

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