Compatibility: a woman of Aries and a Capricorn man - what expects such a relationship?

Spiritual development

Meeting your soul mate, some peopleimmediately rush to turn to the horoscope and find out whether they are compatible. However, it is not always worthwhile to rely on it, because sometimes even the most incompatible zodiac signs live together for life. So the compatibility of the "woman-Aries and the Capricorn man" may seem unthinkable at first glance, in fact, everything can be and in a different way.

Male Capricorn - Characteristics

compatibility woman a ram and a male capricorn
Male-Capricorn is always distinguished by common sense. He does not give in to emotions and looks at everything soberly. Capricorn plans his life and carefully ponders every step. To the peculiarities of the character of the Capricorn man can be attributed some indifference and detachment from the surrounding reality. Do not hope that he will be emotional and will express his emotions violently. Men born under the sign of Capricorn are so restrained that practically no one manages to get them out of balance. This can irritate many people, but Capricorn can not change anything in itself due to the influence of its zodiac sign.

Woman Aries - Characteristics

The Aries woman is always bright, fiery. Her energy spills over the edge. She is always ready to go somewhere and create something extraordinary and incredible. This significantly affects the compatibility of the "female Aries and the male Capricorn." A woman Aries can have a strong character that will help her become a good leader. However, this can be prevented by her impulsiveness and submission to erratic desires, which contradict sound logic. Often, such a passion will have a strong character and strive for leadership. If the partner does not oppress, then they can get a great union.

The Capricorn Man, the Aries Woman - how are their relationships developing?

Such a pair can be very ambiguous. In public, everyone admires her. From the side it may seem that between them reigns idyll and full mutual understanding.

male ibex woman aries
The Aries woman will constantly chatter andand the Capricorn man would tacitly agree with her. At the same time, both of them will be well and calmly. In a situation where they are left alone, everything changes, and the compatibility of the "woman-Aries and the Capricorn man" is not very promising. A woman will constantly reproach her chosen one, blaming him for everything and crying, thus splashing out her emotions. For Aries this is a good way to discharge. Her chosen one in this situation will not argue or excuse himself, he will just keep silent with an abstracted look, which will further anger Aries. At the same time, compatibility (female Aries and Capricorn man) can not be ideal. She will think that he does not care, but he also experiences, but only deep inside, not showing his emotions. This is what can cause the discord of this union.

Compatibility "female Capricorn, man-Aries" - how are their relationships formed?

compatibility female ibex male aries
A relationship can develop more successfully whena man will be born under the sign of Aries, and a woman - under the sign of Capricorn. But this is only if they constantly make compromises. Most often it turns out that due to the fact that both these signs have extraordinary strength, everyone is trying to be a full-fledged leader. Hence they have a rivalry. Partners can constantly fight for leadership, until they realize that for a happy life together it is necessary to learn to yield. If the Capricorn woman and the Aries man come to this decision and establish certain compromises, then their union can be quite happy.

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