How to choose a stone on a horoscope? The best stone-mascot of Aquarius

Spiritual development

Improve your life and draw luck can,having chosen correct talismans. About the magical properties of natural stones known since ancient times. But how to find your only amulet that will help you? What kind of stone - the mascot of Aquarius - is the strongest and can support a person born under this sign in any situation?

All stones for Aquarius

Stone mascot of Aquarius
Aquarius is ideal for stones of blue color,translucent, reminiscent of water. These are beryl and aquamarine, which can be monophonic or contain inclusions resembling snowflakes. If you decide to buy a mascot-talisman of Aquarius, be careful, often aquamarines resemble colored quartz and some other semiprecious minerals. Aquamarine will help its owner to remain calm in any situation, in addition, this amulet will give him courage and determination. Be sure to get this stone before the long journey, because even in ancient times it was considered the best amulet for sailors and pilgrims. We should not forget about another talisman for Aquarius - azurite. This stone will also help to cope with negative emotions and persistently survive any troubles and difficulties in life. But the sky topaz, despite its blue color, does not fit Aquarius. It is a talisman stone for Taurus, which will help its owner to make the right choice and find answers to all the questions.

Choose a talisman for specific situations

Stone mascot for the bull
When choosing your stone, you should start from alreadyexisting character traits and those aspects of personality that I would like to develop. You can base your choice on the type of activity. For example, citrine is excellent for Aquarians who work with their hands or are fond of occult sciences. This stone will also help gamblers and professional scammers. Citrine is inherently related to quartz, more often it is a stone of yellow color, from translucent lemon to deep amber. Beautiful and unusual obsidian - another stone-talisman of Aquarius. It greatly enhances intuition and provides an opportunity to anticipate events. It is also believed that this stone positively affects health at the physical level.

Aquarius: horoscope stones for health and good luck

Aquarius stones on a horoscope
Corundum is a stone inextricably linked withtime. It is useful to wear during attempts to correct mistakes of the past or, on the contrary, when you decide to start everything from scratch. It is also believed that the use of amulets from this material allows you to gain clarity of thoughts and understand your feelings. Ammolite is interesting enough - it is a rainbow stone, representing the petrified shells of mollusks. The status of semi-precious mineral was obtained relatively recently. This stone-mascot of Aquarius at times increases the success of its owner, while it does not necessarily carry on itself, but it's enough to have in the house or keep it at work. Amulets from this material have been used in many magical practices around the world. It is believed that the owner of the stone increases the gift of communication with otherworldly forces, and he can directly inform the Universe about his desires.

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