Compatibility: female Sagittarius, male-fish. Is there a future?

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To find out whether you are approaching each other with a young man, the signs of the zodiac, or rather their compatibility, will help. Female Sagittarius, male-fish: what can we say about this alliance?

Such a pair can maintain excellent businessrelations, quite rarely - friendly. But this is the case if they share the same interests. As for love and marriage, it is necessary to think carefully. It is very good to think.

compatibility woman Sagittarius man fish
Sign of the zodiac Pisces and Sagittarius originallyare opposite to each other. Pisces is female, and Sagittarius is male. This means that the Sagittarius woman is endowed with the qualities of character that are inherent in the male half of the world's population. And Pisces are typical female benefactors. Does this circumstance affect their compatibility? Female Sagittarius, male-fish rarely get along together. Often Pisces experiences almost physical suffering from the ingenious, but insulting banter of Sagittarius, from her shocking frankness and criticism towards herself.

The Archer herself may not understand what touched hera living someone's self-esteem with his mark, but not with an evil little phrase. Someone will pass it by the ears, someone will release the response pin to the owner of an acute tongue, but Pisces ... Here he is, but he is no more. And it is unlikely that the girl-Sagittarius will hear about him ever again.

So, if, despite the questionable compatibility, a Sagittarius woman, a male fish, try to be together, then what will come of it?

zodiac sign of fish and Sagittarius
Sagittarius - very bright and spontaneous people, they love the risk, do not hide their emotions and prefer to say whatever they think. Pisces are tender, vulnerable, preferring solitude and peace.

But imagine that for the sake of common happiness withthe beloved girl-Sagittarius overcomes herself: at first she thinks, and then she speaks. She understands how and in what manner you can communicate with your boyfriend. Restrains himself, tolerates not to call Fish a sissy. But how long can this continue? She restrained herself once, overcome herself for the second time. Then she again ordered herself to remain silent, when her boyfriend showed himself in an unattractive light. But no one, especially Sagittarius, does not have the strength and patience to restrain himself constantly. Forced to suppress all of their negative emotions, she once simply will not stand and will immediately express everything that has accumulated. And then she will leave herself, leaving finally: "Nezhenka!"

Sagittarius girl, though she is fighting and boldnature, looking for a reliable partner in life. A tender and fragile Pisces is not an option for her. Friendship is possible, but not marriage and family. Many women of other signs dream to get themselves in the disposal of such a soft man who will allow them to lead themselves. But Sagittarius despises lethargy, indecision and passivity. Next to a woman, Sagittarius sees a bold, active and determined man, worthy of her respect.

union of fish and arctic
This compatibility: a Sagittarius, a male Fish is like fire and water, either they are fighting or are in a state of fragile peace. In their relationship, there are never shades or halftones: either everything is very bad, or cloudless happiness to a certain point. Until someone breaks.

And what in the end? Is the union of Pisces and Sagittarius impossible? Of course, it is possible. Moreover, their communication is useful for both. They could learn from each other a lot of useful things, if, of course, they show patience. It is possible that Sagittarius will teach Pisces to be more manly, and Pisces will help Sagittarius become more flexible. The main thing is not to rush to reduce the distance, to remain friends longer, in order to better know and get used to each other. And when not only physical attraction, but also mutual understanding, one can open the soul for romance. Yes, mutual shocks in such an alliance are possible, but not fatal.

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