Female Sagittarius, male Virgo: compatibility in pairs

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Female Sagittarius, male Virgo - compatibility of theirin a pair is often questioned. After all, these are two people, completely different in mind and even in character. Surprisingly, the fact: the peace-loving and compromise Virgo rarely finds an approach to Sagittarius, which often makes their union impossible, and only an extreme situation is able to bring together representatives of the elements of the Earth and Fire. Why does this happen? Let's take a closer look.

Woman-Sagittarius, male-Virgo ... Compatibility in marriage - almost nonsense, that is, he rarelyis happy. Virgo in this alliance is a sober half, this is the brain and reason of the couple. All the thoughts and actions of the man are aimed at getting a stable income and improving the financial position of the family. He is frugal, sometimes to greed, which can irritate the loving luxury and even unreasonable waste of a woman-

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Sagittarius.However, Sagittarius in Virgo is attracted by this reliability, as well as the innate mind. And the relationship at the initial stage may seem even ideal: a man seeks to earn, a woman - to spend with pleasure. But in the end, the economy will win, and Sagittarius will understand that large spending is not the destiny of its partner. And most of all in life this woman does not tolerate stinginess, whatever it may be justified!

Woman-Sagittarius and Virgo-man in their relationshipexperience the whole spectrum of emotions: from the admiration of the partner to the complete disappointment in him. As a result, both understand that they have chosen the wrong satellite, and leave the game painlessly, going in search of a more suitable partner.

The element of the Earth - that's what drives the Virgo sign.The Sagittarius sign is governed by Fire. In other ways than love, these elements give the possibility of a strong union, but only when personal feelings do not interfere. Intellect and propensity to analyze Dev perfectly combine with diligence and calmness of Streltsy, which is an excellent motivation for friendship or business partnership.

However, as the world astrologicalpractice regarding the union "female Sagittarius, male Virgo," their compatibility is more likely after partners reach the age of forty. It is then that the woman reaches that intellectual level that allows her to communicate with the Virgos on a par with, not attaching much importance to emotions and not giving them the will. Do not forget that no matter who pretends to be Sagittarius,

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its essence is a centaur.And this means that the freedom-loving animal will in some degree prevail over man. This bizarre intertwining of elevation and commercialism, idealism and practicality will rather scare away rather than attract the Virgin.

In the union "woman-Sagittarius, male-Virgo"compatibility depends on the willingness of the partners to submit to each other, to find exactly the balance that will suit both. Excessive criticism of a woman exasperates a male Virgo. Reply the same, he is not capable, and suffer silently few people like. However, a man in this pair can be boring, which also causes conflicts. And if everything has come to a standstill, even beautiful sex can not hold together these on the verge of breaking the relationship.

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