Rituals to attract money and other profitable tricks

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The world is slowly but surely going crazy. People are overcome by a golden fever, similar to the one that once raged in the Wild West. Many values ​​were lost behind the brilliance of the brilliant coins, so pleasantly ringing in your pocket. It sounds sad, does not it? But where now without money? You can not give good education to a child, you will not go anywhere to rest, even health can not be repaired free of charge. The prices around grow, as if on leaps and bounds. Now people are spinning like squirrels, completely forgetting to run about real values.

rituals for attracting money
Unsuccessful attempts to earn, so to speak,honest way, lead modern people to the grandmother's sorcerous ways. Rituals for attracting money are becoming more popular, and equally for all segments of the population. Someone turns to professionals, which is much more effective, while others are trying to create a miracle in their kitchen. Good money magic refers to white and does not entail any consequences.

However, there are rituals to attract money notso harmless. For example, one of them is related to the call of your Guardian Angel. And if your desire is pure, there is nothing to be afraid of, but a failed experiment can lead to deplorable results.

But most of the rituals to attractmoney does not carry negative energy. To lead them best in the new moon or the growing moon. This period is associated with profit and the acquisition of something necessary and necessary. Here is an example of such a rite: in the new moon, spread out various bills in the corners of the house, and in three days collect them and spend. In a month you should return the amount twice as much.

purse to attract money

Also do not forget that the wallet to attractmoney in your life is also very important. First of all, pay attention to its color. Warm earth shades, for example brown or black, attract cash. But frivolous shades, such as turquoise, skip bills, like sand through your fingers. Do not be stingy when choosing a purse, because it attracts like, and, therefore, an expensive, well-finished wallet will attract a small fortune to you. Do not be flattered by modern trendy models made of synthetic materials. They do not carry monetary magic. It is better to choose something simpler, but from genuine leather. Do not forget to put your wallet, as well as the phone, for charging, this simple trick is very effective.

 flowers to attract money
Also do not forget about your home, its energygreatly affects your financial condition. The simplest thing you can do is buy room flowers to attract money. One of the most popular magnets is the usual geranium. And, with color, everything is the same as with the purse. For example, red inflorescences will work fine. But do not overflow the plants with the whole room, and especially place wherever you are often. For these plants have the ability to absorb human energy.

So simple are the rituals forattract money, but remember that the most important thing is to work harder yourself. Magic will not do the dirty work for you, but it can make life a little easier for you. Most importantly - believe in your desires, then they will certainly be fulfilled.

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