Melitin's name: meaning, character and destiny

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Parents who choose a rare and beautiful namefor a newborn daughter, may like the name Melitina. Its value will be useful to learn not only the newly minted mothers and fathers, but also the fair sex, who are so called. What does it mean, where did it come from and how does it affect the fate of its bearer?

Melitina's name: meaning and origin

Of course, it's worth starting with where it came fromit took. Greece - the country, the inhabitants of which many centuries ago, with the adoption of Christianity, were the first to give girls the name Melitina. The meaning of the name is "honey", "delighted with honey". It can not be said that it is common today, but still occurs in many countries of the world.

name melithina value

How can the name of friends and relatives be abbreviated? The most commonly used options are Tina, Lina and Mela. Also there is another shortened form - Melenya.


Striving for domination is a trait thatgives its owner Melitina name, the meaning and origin of which are discussed in this article. Even in early childhood, she seeks to command the people around her, this desire only grows stronger with age.

name melitin meaning destiny

Melitina is a girl who is not afraid of conflicts,does not seek to please everyone. On the contrary, she likes to live in a state of war, and often her adversaries are higher-ups. Every year, Meli becomes more enemies, but it's absolutely not upsetting.

Friendship, communication

All of the above does not at all mean thatthe bearer of a rare name does not know how to get along with people at all. Friends are very important for a girl named Melitina, whose meaning is revealed above. She is sociable, knows how to be a good friend for those who meet her high standards. Also, the fair sex, who is so called, loves to attract attention, in connection with which she has a very wide range of contacts.

name melitin meaning character

Melitina is a typical example of an idealist whodreams to improve the world, devoting the lion's share of his energy to this goal. She suffers from the fact that people are far from ideal, always ready to inform them of their shortcomings and help to improve. Of course, this greatly complicates her relationship with others, since not everyone is ready to accept this. As a result, Melitina from time to time feels misunderstood and lonely. Fortunately, it does not belong to the number of people who are capable of prolonged suffering.

Career, business

"Honey" - that's what Melitina's name means. The character of his bearer, however, is not at all honey, which is also manifested when choosing a profession. Often, a woman who is so called becomes a private entrepreneur. Purposefulness and persistence are qualities that allow it to achieve great success in business.

name melitin meaning and origin

It is also likely that her work willis connected with the main life goal - the improvement of the world. It can involve various areas - politics, medicine, science. Unequivocally you can say that the owner of the name will never feel comfortable in the role of a housewife, her active nature will certainly rise up against such a choice.

Melia has every chance of becoming a workaholic, sinceeven in his childhood he gets used to work with great devotion. She needs to learn to find a balance between rest and work, otherwise emotional burnout is possible.

Love, family

"Enjoyed with honey" - this is the name Melitinavalue. The fate of its owner, however, does not always turn out to be sweet. Meli often has problems in his personal life. This is due to the fact that she is trying to become the best friend for the whole world, but can not concentrate on relations with her chosen one.

Melitina will find happiness only with a man whowill agree to become her friend and companion, will share her desire to improve the world, reconcile with the demands, the desire to rule. She also needs to tolerate the shortcomings of other people, otherwise it will be very difficult to live with her in marriage. Definitely Mele is not suitable partner, endowed with strong leadership qualities, in this case, constant conflicts are inevitable.

It is not easy to predict what Melitina will become a mother. Children will suffer from her excessive demands, but they will always be interested in having such a broad outlook.


Does she have good health with a nameMelitina, the meaning of which is indicated above? From birth she has strong immunity, she rarely gets sick. However, with age, the situation begins to deteriorate, which is due to the habit of working for wear. And the result is constant stress, overwork. It is very important for her to learn from time to time to allow yourself to rest.

The possessor of the name may also have problems with blood coagulability, but this is not necessary.

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