Why does the silver ring dream: the meaning of sleep

Spiritual development

Why dream of a silver ring? As a rule, the dreamed jewelry made of precious metals symbolizes strong friendships or love relationships, experiences. However, in some cases, the interpretation may be quite the opposite. So, what is the silver ring about?

why the silver ring

Sonn of Nostradamus

According to this dream book, to see such an ornamenton his own finger - a magnificent sign. This means that the dreamer will soon have a long-awaited promotion. The new position, accordingly, will be better paid, so the financial situation after such a sleep will become more stable.

Nostradamus' dream interpreter also knows the answer to the question ofThat, to what the silver ring with a stone dreams. As a rule, this dream portends success in business, honor and glory. However, in order to more fully interpret the vision, it is necessary to recall which stone the dream was. If it was an emerald, it means that soon the dreamer will have to prepare for the wedding celebration, the sapphire dreams to fulfill the cherished desire, and the diamond to an important acquaintance that will end with successful cooperation.

Asking the question of what he dreams aboutsilver ring, it is necessary to recall where the decoration came from. If it was purchased in an ordinary store, then there should be pleasant troubles associated with some kind of triumph. In turn, the ring purchased in a jewelry store - a very bad sign. Such a dream portends a sudden serious illness. Of course, it will be cured, but it will take a lot of time and incredible willpower. If the silver ring in a dream rolled away to another person, then dreams of a dreamer do not come true. A dirty silver ring foreshadows news from afar. Unfortunately, not always pleasant.

what is the silver ring on your finger dreaming about

Modern dream book

Thinking about what the silver dream is aboutring, you should look into this edition. If the decoration in the dream was presented as a gift by a man, then the dreamer will soon receive a solid monetary prize. The ring, donated by a woman, foreshadows family problems that will arise on the basis of jealousy and mistrust of a loved one. Such a dream, in fact, is a warning - a person who saw him, must be in time to do everything in his power and prevent disagreement in the relationship. Buy a silver ring - to a radical change in the type of activity. Changes in life will bring honor and financial well-being. A dirty silver ring portends serious trouble at work. They will arise because of the gossip spread by envious colleagues.

Esoteric dream book

Why the silver ring on the finger of anotherthe person? This dream portends a reprimand from the authorities, big problems at work. If the ring is defective, it means that the possibility of dismissal is not ruled out. The dreamer should carefully choose his friends, because the problems will begin due to their fault. The ring with a stone, according to this edition, also does not bode well. This means that some period of time the dreamer will be failing. The length of the black strip depends on the size of the stone. Why dream of a silver wedding ring? Unfortunately, this dream does not portend gay celebrations with screams "bitterly", but, conversely, promises divorce and non-fulfillment of marriage hopes. An ancient silver ring is a very good sign. This vision indicates that soon a dreamer will meet a partner, prepared for him by heaven. The main thing is not to miss the fate.

what does a silver ring with a stone dream about

French dream book

Any ring in a dream means a new friendship ormarriage (marriage). Break it - to break the relationship, quarrel with friends, a family disorder. To give a silver ring is to entrust your life to another person. To accept as a gift is a sign that your partner is sincere in his feelings.

Wanderer's Dream Book

According to this edition, such a dream promises onlygood news. For example, if the silver ring was corrugated, it means that soon the dreamer will have to organize a large celebration (wedding, anniversary). Thanks to him, he will be able to get acquainted with influential people who will help a lot in a difficult moment. Smooth ring - to a calm, measured life. It is also very important to remember your actions in the dream. For example, to see how someone lost a ring, and to help look for him is a good sign, meaning the appearance of new friends. To lose jewelry yourself means that the dreamer decides to give up his past life and start everything from scratch. Why dream of finding a silver ring? This dream, as a rule, means meeting with friends that have not been seen for a long time or renewing relations with former beloved.

why dream about finding a silver ring

Wangi's Dream

The seer claimed that the appearance of the ring in a dreammeans walking around in circles, unsolved problems or loyalty. It all depends on what the dreamer will do. For example, to put on an ornament on the hand of another person is a symbol of love and fidelity. To see how someone unfamiliar puts you a silver ring - to solve problems. And the help will render absolutely stranger for the dreamer's person. If a dreamer can not pick up a ring in his visions, he runs between several, which means that in real life he has not yet decided his feelings. Seeing how the ring falls from the finger is a bad sign. It is possible that in a real life a dreamer has violated this oath ever, so fate has prepared a test for him.

why does a silver wedding ring

An ancient Russian dream book

If the silver ring dreamed bachelorman, so, soon he will have a pleasant acquaintance. For the family it is a sign of well-being and pleasant troubles. If all the fingers of the dreamer wear silver rings,
in his life came the long-awaited white band,which will last long enough. It is very important not to miss the moment, because any endeavor during this period will be successful. Also, this dream means promotion, gaining power, improving financial well-being. Get an ornament as a gift - to get acquainted with an influential person who will unselfishly help solve the problems of the dreamer. Give the ring or throw it away - to part with close people for a long period of time.

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