Name days of Eugenia and Eugene

Spiritual development

Own name for each person hasgreat value. He begins to hear him right after his admission and does not part with him until the end of his life. How correctly to name the child? Is it possible to invent names themselves, and what are the already existing variants?

Name days of eugenia

We call the child for the holies

In the ecclesiastical tradition there are several variants of the "correct" naming by the name.

  • The child is called the saint's name, which is celebrated on the birthday itself according to the church calendar. In this case the namesakes of Eugenia and her birthday coincide.
  • Naming the name takes place on the eighth day, you can call the kid the name of the saint, who is honored at that time.
  • Baptism usually occurs on day 40, and you can call the child the saint's name, which is mentioned on the day of baptism.

All methods are related to certain dates, but you can also focus on your own desires. If a person likes a saint, there is nothing to prevent a baby in his honor

Name Day of Eugene in the church calendar

Are there many saints with the same name?

Usually one name corresponds to severalsaints. People who were named after a saint, themselves also were righteous, were glorified as saints. For example, Xenia Petersburg was named after the ancient princess, and she herself became a saint. Now everyone knows that the memory of Xenia Blessed on February 6, that is, in the church calendar, a saint was added, and in her honor one can also call children. In the church calendar, almost any masculine name, except for the most exotic, is presented repeatedly. For example, the name day of Eugene in the church calendar (male name) is celebrated six times a year. This, of course, does not mean that one person should celebrate the name day six times. Six saints with this name are simply glorified.

Name days Eugenia January 6, right before the eveChristmas. How to celebrate the name day? For any believer this is a spiritual holiday. People try to visit the temple on this day, thank God and receive communion. At home, as a rule, friends gather and congratulate the birthday boy. Names of Eugene in this sense are located somewhat unsuccessfully: this is the day before the Orthodox Christmas. Arrange a noisy holiday in this case is inappropriate.

named after Eugene

Names of Eugene on January 6, right on Christmas Eve, on the day of strict fasting. Therefore, usually congratulate Zhenechki already on Christmas Day itself.

But in the event that there is no fasting, the name day is celebrated as an ordinary birthday. This is a noisy children's holiday, true, without cake and candles, because age is not added.

And if birthday and name day in one day?

In the case when the little girl was named for the saints,birthday and name days of the name of Eugene coincide. But in this case the holiday will have to wait: on Christmas Eve it is completely unacceptable. Names of Eugene in this case are transferred to Christmas itself or a day later. However, it is possible to participate in the name-day without pomposity, modestly.

On this day it will be right to remember the saint, after whom the child is named, and read his life. After all, it is to his holy man that he often imitates, even if he does not suspect it.

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