What waits, when the mouse is removed? The dream book will tell everything ...

Spiritual development

If you dream about a mouse, the dream book is ready to givefull interpretation and write down the events that can be expected in the future. However, the book is not always at hand, so with interpretation of all possible variations can be found a little lower.

  • A man who has dreamed of a mouse, chaotically moving around the floor of an apartment or a house, will soon be an honored guest at a big celebration. Perhaps it will be an anniversary or a wedding of close friends.
  • If you see a mouse, you try it in a dreamto catch - then wait for the matchmaking. If the mouse has been mapped, then there is a high probability that the procession will end successfully, otherwise everything can be exactly the opposite.
  • When you kill a mouse in a dream, you should not expect something good in life. Prepare for events that bring grief or sorrow that will be associated with blood relatives.
  • Look in the dream book.Interpretation of dreams, the mouse in which are the central characters, can have both a positive and negative connotation. However, if you are lucky enough to observe how small rodents actively eat food on the table, or in the chamber, and in any other interpretation, you will soon be lucky. The remuneration to your home and family is guaranteed. At the same time, the more rodents and provisions in a dream, the better.
  • If you shoot a mouse, the dream book offers a differentinterpretation of dreams depending on the color of rodents. White mouse - a symbol of a strong and durable union. The gray mouse foreshadows possible domestic conflicts that will not bring difficulties in the relationship. A black mouse should beware. It portends a scandal, which can subsequently lead to a break in relations.
  • Be vigilant if during sleep you will besqueaks are heard: perhaps someone is plotting against you, and dreaming is one of the ways to disrupt the ill-wishers' plans. Also, there is a high probability that your house or apartment will be robbed. Be on the alert.
  • When in a dream the mice overflow the basement, which is empty, it is worth starting to save. Ahead of you expect serious problems with finances and a lack of material resources.
  • A wonderful and unique book is a dream book.What is the dream of a mouse, for her to explain - no problem. When the rodent stands on its legs, or performs various acrobatic stunts, then soon everything that is conceived is realized and you reach your goal.
  • When a woman strokes a mouse in a dream and without fearholding it in your hands - this indicates that perhaps you will have a serious rival in your life or rival, not only at work, but also in emotional relationships.
  • Beware also is when the mouse is tryingyou bite, and even more bite. Get ready - soon you will pay for your sins. Revenge is guaranteed to you. A good chance that you will be deceived and your half will turn away from you.
  • If you are preparing a dream trap in which you mustget caught by the mouse, the dream book is happy to inform you that the plans of your ill-wishers will soon be exposed by your efforts. If your trap worked and you caught a rodent - then it's not so inspiring. Going to court is just around the corner. You have to make a division of all property with blood relatives.
  • But when your pet (cat or dog) broughtyou have a rodent in your teeth - that's good. Symbol of help here just become a mouse. Dream interpretation says that it is worth waiting for just irreplaceable support from dear and close people, without which you just can not do.
  • When the mouse manages to escape from the clutches of the cat, the interpretation here changes radically. Soon you will see an unpleasant scene, or a conflict that has arisen in the life of your loved ones.

There are many interpretations, and they are all completely different.However, do not exactly prepare for the described. Remember that a person independently decides his fate and, with a great desire, can exclude many negative life situations.

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