How does prayer help Peter and Fevronia?

Spiritual development

prayer to Peter and Fevronia
Despite the fact that for a decade nowwe are persistently imposed Western values ​​that it is possible to start sexual activity from the school bench, and civil marriage is not anything fundamentally different from the usual marriage, the concept of the values ​​of family in our people is laid on the genetic level. It was not by chance that even in the war, when Hitler was informed that all the girls captured in one of the villages were "intact", he realized that our people would not give up so easily ...

If you arrange a survey and start asking people what happiness is, then probably most of them will say that this is a family. And what is the family? ..

Alas, children for the majority of newlyweds are oftenare regarded as an annoying hindrance, and without superfluous words it is necessary to say that the concept of the family is atrophied. After all, literally the family is the "Seven I", that is, the concept that came to us from the old days that there must be at least five children in a real family.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia of Murom
It is believed that the prayer of Peter and Fevronia helps not only to connect with a loved one, but also to build with him a real full-fledged family.

Where does happiness live?

Not so long ago, when in countries nowpost-Soviet space reigned a new religion called "socialism", of course, the prayer of Peter and Fevronia was, to put it mildly, not very relevant ...

But today, when we did not only believe in Godit is possible, but also fashionable, many young guys and girls, trying to find their soul mate, seek help from these saints, whose love story makes the heart stop.

In fact, the "activities" of Saints Peter andFevroni is quite extensive. They help not only lovers and lonely hearts, but also those whose relationships in the family are far from ideal. So, prayer to Peter and Fevronia helps to save the family.

Prayer to Saint Peter and Fevronia
And it's not just words - there are many examples when suddenly a spoiled spouse or a divorcing wife, returned to those who were promised to be near "in sorrow and joy."

Miracles of the holy saints

In the Orthodox world there are many legends aboutWhat miracles the saints performed. One of the most famous, perhaps, is when they appeared in a dream to a spouse who, long ago having a "family" on the side, was going to file for divorce. The man claimed that he had just received his sight, and after he asked for forgiveness from his wife, they have healed much happier than before. Help prayer Peter and Fevronia, even as it helps ... Only to pronounce it must be with a pure heart with pure thoughts.

"According to your faith be it unto you ..."

"Trust in God, but do not be bad yourself," says the people's wisdom. Many people are offended by God after the divorce. "The prayer to Saint Peter and Fevronia did not help ..." - they sigh, and go to psychics and "grandmothers" -bewitching loved ones. What can I say? ... You can not serve God and Mammon. You can not treat prayers as spells. And one should not strive to become married or married at all costs. As practice shows, it is the latter that causes divorce. In this case, the prayer to Peter and Fevronia Muromsky can no longer help ...

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