Gemini-male, Pisces-female: romantic relationship

Spiritual development

Gemini is a man, Pisces is a woman ... They live in completely different, parallel worlds. The mere fact that they met and drew one on one attention is already strange. The man, born under the sign of Gemini, is windy and sociable. He is highly intelligent and self-confident.

twins man fish woman
He expresses himself through the word, through communication, indisputes and discussions. Gemini is elusive, cunning, it c easily adapts to any situation. He does not need a serious relationship. Gemini is looking for easy, non-binding connections. The woman born under the sign of Pisces, on the contrary, desires a fairy-tale love. Despite her nebula and mystery, she seeks in the man support and support - something that she lacks in her character. She needs reliability and stability, which is so unlike our windy twinsome representative. What will be the relationship of Gemini and Pisces? The answer is below.


At first glance, representatives of such differentsigns may seem even similar to each other. Gemini is male, Pisces is a woman is equally vague, they are constantly escaping from others, disguised, can be lied to dramatic drama.

Are Blinzets suitable for fish?
Therefore, they can learn in each other their ownsoul, but only at the first stage. Maybe, on the contrary, it can happen that they do not interest each other at first sight. After all, such a mutual position of the luminaries in signs does not promise a harmonious union, whatever one may say. It often happens that for such a specimen as the Man Twins, the Female Fish will seem like a mysterious puzzle, another intellectual challenge, and he will desperately begin to search for a clue in it, a logical explanation of its phenomenon. It is this interest that will be able to hook this couple together.


If there was still a beginning of history, then its development can follow different paths. As a rule, the Gemini man will intrusively try to unravel the puzzle given to him by this mysterious woman.

relations of twins and fish
If, however, it is too annoying andthe lady of his heart can begin to deceive him, because she does not like when someone tries to draw from her soul all the most intimate. As a result, the Twins leave, leaving Pisces to deal with their internal complexes and problems independently. In a different version of the development of events it may turn out that all that is attractive to such a person as the Twins is a man, Pisces-a woman absorbed. It can be unpredictable, unexpected, interesting, and in it time after time the curious Gemini will find something new. In such a favorable union, there will never be a moment of boredom.

The result

There is no unequivocal answer to the question ofwhether Gemini Pisces are suitable for a love relationship. In principle, feelings can arise, and considerable. What really lacks such a relationship is financial stability and solidity. Both Pisces and Gemini are not that they do not prioritize monetary interests, but generally they do not. Only common sense and life experience can correct this situation. May you live happily ever after!

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